This blog is my attempt to sharpen focus in my life: a way to hopefully converge my priorities and work towards some major goals.  I used to think I had it all figured out and knew who I wanted to be and what I wanted my life to be like.

When my dad died in August of 2008, I was forever changed.  The death of such an intrinsic figure in a person’s life causes much turmoil and confusion, so I am concentrating my energy on art, jewelry design, music, and writing.  It’s what I know to do, what I love to do, and what eases my anxiety.

There is beauty and power in what once was broken and destroyed being made new again.  If I could choose seven words to convey the theme of my life right now they would be: renew, reclaim, refresh, rejuvenate, restore, rebuild, revamp.

Welcome to MotifBrophy.


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