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Natural Delivery Day

Things on my list today: workout, do some laundry, straighten up the house, visit some schools where I will be substitute teaching, call and schedule an appointment at the midwifery. Tomorrow I will be four months along in this pregnancy and, yes, my husband and I have decided to switch healthcare providers.

It’s ironic that we are doing so for a number of reasons. The doctor I have been seeing for the last couple of months comes highly recommended for prenatal care and is sometimes very difficult to schedule an appointment with. I was lucky to get in with her at all, having no immediate family members under her care already and not being an established patient. And yet I am opting to go with someone else. I believe this doctor is excellent at what she does; she is thorough and takes time to answer questions we have, but I just don’t feel that we’re on the same page and I think this is because we look at pregnancy and birth from two different standpoints.

So we have chosen to go with a midwife. And have a water birth. I appreciate the friends and family who have been supportive of our decision, because it’s amazing how some people feel such an openness to criticize and tell you exactly what they think when you never asked in the first place. I don’t have a problem with outspoken people; my best friend is very outspoken and we get along great. What I have a problem with is people who feel entitled to say whatever they want with no regard for respecting someone’s choice in such a personal matter as delivering your own baby. I happen to know that my own mother is not crazy about us deciding to go with a midwife and have a water birth; she feels more comfortable and safe with conventional birthing in a hospital. But not once has she belittled us or told us how she would never do what we’re planning. Instead, she is supporting us 100%, knowing that we’re doing what’s best for us.

Instead of looking at childbirth as a medical condition, I am looking at it as one of the major natural parts of life. I have always known that I want to have my babies naturally with no drugs nor medical intervention, if possible. Birthing is something the woman’s body was created to do and while I’m not so naive as to believe it’s going to be an extremely fun and happy-go-lucky experience, I know that it will come with a sense of accomplishment and be quite a memory for my husband and I. When we talk about giving birth, our number one concern is for the good of the baby. If it won’t benefit the baby, we don’t want to do it. Obviously, we want this to be the best experience possible for me, as well, but my comfort is secondary to the baby’s well-being.

I understand that sometimes medical intervention is necessary and I support that…when it’s crucial to the baby’s and the mother’s health. But I am shocked at the number of people who have asked me since they’ve found out I’m pregnant if I’m wanting to schedule a C-section! I do not understand that kind of thought process. A C-section is a major surgery and the risk of infection is great. Why would a person willingly subject themselves to something like that without medical necessity? To avoid the work and pain of childbirth, apparently. Many doctors are also advocates of scheduled C-sections. I guess it’s no surprise, really. How much easier is it for the doctors to schedule a birth at a reasonable hour of the day and know it will be over quickly? Not to mention the price of a C-section is substantially more than a vaginal birth, and so therefore is their paycheck.

Everyone wants a quick fix. The ideas that would cause a person to choose an optional C-section are just another by-product of the overly medicated society we live in and it’s appalling to me. There are pills and drugs for everything and it seems like no matter who you talk to, the great majority of people are on one thing or another for this and that. There are things to help you lose weight, help you be happy, help you calm down, help you be more energetic, help something be different in your life and subsequently “make your life better”. But there are still no miracle pills! Drugs have side effects, regardless of what they are and what they’re intended for. Again, I understand medication is necessary sometimes and I support that, too. But when it comes down to people taking prescriptions for everything just to cope with life the easy way, that crosses a dangerous line. What happened to people taking care of themselves first, such as with diet and exercise? Many ailments and maladies would cease to exist if this was our priority before attemting to “quick-fix”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no absolute naturalist, granola-cruncher, tree-hugger type of person; I color my hair, I love make-up and perfume, I am not an extreme proponent of “going green” right now although I agree with being good stewards of the earth we live on , I would like to see ANWR opened up for oil production in Alaska, etc. However, on the other hand, my husband and I try to live as naturally as we can as far as taking care of ourselves: we workout regularly, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, rarely eat fried food, try to avoid processed foods, and we are trying to buy as much organic food as we can find.

Instead of going to the doctor every time we find ourselves ill, we first use homeopathic remedies and good ‘ole just taking care of ourselves. Sometimes I find I do benefit from a dose of antibiotics (but I’ve also had extremely negative effects from them), yet it’s rare that I even need that anymore. I am much different than I used to be, but I’ve seen first hand how not taking care of oneself can create a whole surfeit of difficulties and I’ve allowed that to motivate me to live differently.

So, all that said, my husband and I have many reasons we are choosing to go with a midwife over a doctor at this point and much of that has to do with the fact that it just fits our lifestyle better and on delivery day, we will be much more comfortable and at ease knowing that our baby is coming into the world as naturally as can be.


3 thoughts on “Natural Delivery Day

  1. I had a natural childbirth with both my kids. My bff had a water birth (I couldn’t b/c I was high risk). If you have any questions, call me :) Your post has been my heart for years so we will speak the same language. I’m not gonna lie, there is challenge and preparation, but if you’re in the hands of a midwife, they are excellent. But ofcourse above all else, trust God. Thanks for letting me follow you on this journey.

  2. I would like it to be known that while I am a very outspoken person and Shans best friend I am not the idiot who said something rude to her about her choice of birthing.

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