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The Templar Legacy: a Book Review

Steve Berry’s The Templar Legacy is the first book from this author I have read. The appeal for me was the aspect of the “treasure hunt” and the history behind it. Although completely fictional, Berry’s knowledge of real historical facts mingled with his story made it seem more believable.

The book takes place in Europe where Cotton Malone, a retired U.S. operative now lives and runs an antique book shop. A call from his former boss, Stephanie Nelle, begins his involvement in a series of events concerning the search for a lost fortune and wealth of knowledge supposedly belonging to the ancient order of the Knights Templar. Almost at once, they discover they are not the only ones hunting for the rumored treasure and their search becomes very risky. Malone and Nelle meet and reunite with many characters throughout the book, even allies. What they discover is jaw-dropping and could revolutionize…or topple…Western religion and theology.

The Templar Legacy appears second-rate to me, an almost imitated version of similar stories by Dan Brown and James Rollins. There are a couple of surprising twists within the book, but most everything happens just in the knick of time making it disappointingly predictable.

I’m shocked that this book didn’t cause an uproar among Christians like The DaVinci Code did, as the ending of this one is much more controversial in my opinion. While I don’t completely shun fiction that I know contains controversial thoughts and themes, I finished this book wishing I hadn’t even bothered. I won’t soon be picking up another book by Steve Berry.


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