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Happy Birthday, Daddy

Today my dad would have turned 61 years old. I wouldn’t say special occasions like birthdays and holidays make me miss him more, because every single day I miss him…it’s just that I’m more aware of him being gone on these days, if that’s even possible. I think about what it would be like if he was still here and what we would be doing.

I would love nothing more today than to spend it with my dad. He was never the kind of person to care much about gifts and every time I ever asked him if there was something he wanted, his answer was always the same “Boo-Boo, I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about a present. I just want to be with my family.” That made for the most difficult person in my life to buy things for! He always ended up with things like cologne or clothes or neckties. But he really didn’t need anything and was completely satisfied by our company.

So today I would like to spend just talking to my dad. This is one of the things I miss most about him; simply talking. We could talk forever about the Old Testament, I would ask him endlessly about things in life I didn’t understand, and whatever else came to mind. He knew a lot about everything and often had an answer to my questions. Today I would ask him what it was like in the moment he passed into eternity, talk to him about his dad, and tell him that if Nathan and I have a baby boy his middle name will be my dad’s first name. I would tell him how when I would hear him talk about his dad and inevitably tears would stream down his face I always hated it that his pain always seemed so fresh…but that now I understand and the tears I cry about him will be fresh until the day I die. I would tell him that our kids will know all about him like I knew about his dad, and they will know what kind of grandpa he would have been to them.

I am blessed and so thankful to know that my dad lives in Heaven and he can talk with God and live in perfect peace. I hate him not being here, but when I think about what the Bible says and that I believe what it says, the fact that this life is fleeting and only for a moment in the great span of all things, and yet eternity is forever…some day it will all pass away and everything will become New… Well, that’s what I will think about today.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.


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