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Momentous Week

This week for Christians is the most important celebration of all: the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Sunday before Resurrection Sunday is celebrated as Palm Sunday, which was yesterday, and it was so good to be at church. The whole service, from the worship songs, the sermon, Communion, it all catered to the remembrance of what Scripture tells us happened leading up to the final days before (and, of course, after) the crucifixion of Jesus.

To Christians, the celebration of these events are not just an old story to be told now and then. They are real events which are the central theme of Christianity: the Son of God chose to do His Father’s will and become a sacrifice for all humanity…and then was raised to life as our Savior, if we will acknowledge Him as such.

It’s not just a week-long celebration once a year, but it should be a celebration every day for those who believe in Him. The observance of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is what gives us our purpose, our hope, and our motivation to live every single day of this life.

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