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Or Not! (A Mother’s Intuition cont’d)

Well, apparently my “feeling” that our baby is a girl was all wrong…my husband, my mother, and I went to my ultrasound appointment this past Wednesday to see if we could get a peek at the sex of the baby and we succeeded; it’s a BOY!!!  When the doctor casually pointed out the proof to us, we were all caught off guard with his nonchalant attitude and amazed that he found it so quickly. 

What a wonderful surprise.  Of course, we would have been more than happy with a boy or a girl, but it’s fun to know (with reasonable assurance) that we can call the baby “he” and by his actual name, instead of “it”.  I also find it quite amusing that I know exactly what part of the baby is where in my tummy.  I’ve been feeling distinct baby movements for a couple of weeks, but now I know that he is completely snuggled in on the left side of my belly with his head towards the lower center of my womb, body curved and his feet angled up above.  I imagine him relaxing there as if on a tiny hammock, snoozing, feet up, oblivious to the world (for the most part).  He seems to acknowledge sounds and speaking often, and we often rub and nudge my belly while talking to him.

How wondrous that a little life is growing inside me.  What a privilege to be a mommy, even now.


One thought on “Or Not! (A Mother’s Intuition cont’d)

  1. Hi Shanni: How beautiful and a tear jerker!!!!Motherhood is wonderful and will only get better as you go through all the little stages the children go through, and sometimes when they are older you just want to pinch their little head off——-you know some of that scenario huh? Papaw said to tell you he is proud to have another grandson. He has just found out that he has six from his biological son!!

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