Rants and Raves

Things I Hate About Facebook

Apparently I’m in a list-making mood this week (this is the second such “list” posting this week, if you didn’t notice).  However, unlike the previous post of five of my favorites, here is a list of reasons that causes me to often consider deleting my facebook account.  But it’s still there, for now. 

 Warning: Do not read if you may become periodically miffed at persons not understanding of certain Facebook phenomena.

1. Every detail of one’s day…  While I love the fact that I can keep up with the goings-on of family and friends on Facebook who are not so near, I do not understand the people who post EVERY DETAIL of their days!  That makes me crazy.  First of all, how in the world do you find time to do that?  What if your kids were choking on something in the next room…you’d never know.  Secondly, why does someone’s day revolve constantly around sharing information on Facebook?  It’s kind of like inviting stalkers to stalk you and your family.  I’m just sayin’…if I wanted to, with half of you I could.  That’s creepy.  Good thing I’m not creepy.  And hopefully none of your other hundreds of friends are, either.  Hopefully.

2. Having 547 “friends”…  Okay, okay, I kind of know how this can happen.  Acquaintances from years ago recognize your name on someone else’s Facebook page and voila!  They request to add you as a friend.  So, you log in to your account, see a friend request from a person with a name that might seem a little familiar, so you click on the picture to enlarge it and see if, in fact, you actually know the person.  You may have at one time, but even then you didn’t really know them or like them.  Or maybe you genuinely did know them and lost touch.  Regardless, do you really want hundreds of people knowing the above mentioned details of your day-to-day life when you don’t even talk to them and wouldn’t have even added them if it weren’t for the guilt you felt when you almost clicked on the “ignore friend request” option?  Call us cruel, but my husband and I don’t add everyone we’ve ever known in our lives.  And some people get deleted after we’ve accepted their friend request because we get to thinking “Why are they even on there?”  I know, I know…we’re horrible and unfriendly.

3. Adding “friends” you don’t even know…  No, I’m not talking about fan and celebrity pages.  I’m talking about those of you who add people you don’t know and then wonder how someone “hacked” into your account and posted indecent links you would never want to be associated with your name…surprise, surprise!  Or what about crimes that actually happen and originate with stupid people adding “friends” they don’t know, supposedly getting to know them, and then ending up dead?  Well, call me pessimistic, but it happens more often than we’d like to believe.  Don’t believe me?  Google it.  And don’t be so naive.

4. Sharing heaps of your daily life woes…  Facebook does invite a sort of ranting and raving that just comes with social networking.  And who am I to say what you can put on there?  I’m linking this “rant” posting to Facebook so I really have no room to talk.  But really, if you’re constantly putting your drama on there for everyone to see, it causes some people to want to avoid your postings altogether.  It’s depressing!  We all have daily life concerns and no one should feel alone when dealing with them.  BUT why share them with people who don’t even know your dog’s name?  I think that for some people, Facebook must be some kind of skewed virtual idea of a gigantic inner circle of friends.  This is weird to me.

5. People trying to contact others via ME…  What the heck!?  Don’t even try this with me.  If the person you’re trying to get a hold of won’t get back to you or hasn’t given you their new information, ummm…there’s probably a reason!  If nothing else, you can still send them a message if they won’t add you as a friend, same as you did to me.  Don’t get me involved in that mess!

I suppose I should add a few things I do actually like about Facebook (I can’t end this post seeming like an angry pregnant woman!):  I love people posting their own artwork, blog links, hobbies and interesting things they’ve come across.  I love hearing about the unusual things people are experiencing and seeing pictures of them enjoying life.  And as I said above, I love keeping in touch with important people in my life that I otherwise would have a much more difficult time keeping up with.


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