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If You Want to Be a Good Daddy…

I once heard a saying that goes something like this: If you want to be a good father to your children, love their mother. For the life of me, I can’t remember where it came from or who said it, and I haven’t even thought of that quote in a long time until this morning. We’re counting down to the due date of our baby boy…9 days now. Not that we actually believe he would be part of the minute percentage of babies actually born on their due dates, but it’s a concrete date to have in mind when we are otherwise clueless about his real birth date.

So anyways, getting this close and understanding that my body’s moving more and more towards delivery tends to bring out the well-known nostalgic and reflective side of me. This morning I’ve been thinking back over this entire pregnancy and wondering how in the world we got to this place! In ways it has gone by so slowly, and yet in other ways it has¬†zipped by.

In premarital counseling with our Pastor before our wedding, he talked a lot about what it means to love, honor, cherish and protect your spouse, and when Nathan and I wrote our vows together, Pastor requested one thing: that we include those four words within the vows. It wasn’t a matter of simply including those words for the sake of sounding traditional or church-y, it was about including within our vows foundational aspects of a healthy marriage for life.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I never wondered if Nathan would continue being a loving, supportive husband through it all…I KNEW he would be! But I have been pleasantly overwhelmed as the days and months have progressed to see him in such a new light as “Daddy-to-Be”. He wholeheartedly jumped in and has been so involved in it all; he has gone to almost every single appointment with me, he read my pregnancy book to educate himself so he could better understand everything that’s going on, he has been fantastically aware of my well-being and that of the baby’s, he helped me organize all the baby stuff and re-organize the house and he’s done and been countless other things to me during this time. I have NOT loved being pregnant as some lucky women do, but I have loved what it’s brought out in me, my husband and our marriage.

In such a transitional, complex part of our lives I could not feel more loved, honored, cherished or protected. If Nathan’s involvement in my pregnancy is any indication of the kind of father he is going to be (which I absolutely believe it is), he is going to be the best Daddy ever!¬† I am richly blessed by God…


2 thoughts on “If You Want to Be a Good Daddy…

  1. You can tell very much about what kind of dad they will be while you’re pregnant… and you got a ten! :) You are very blessed. Having Rane be the diaper changing kind of dad that takes the kids enough so I don’t even have time to be stressed, is totally helpful and keeps me sane. You and Nathan will be an awesome duo!

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