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An Assortment of Thoughts From a Sleep-Deprived Mommy

In the hustle and bustle of the season…endless diaper changing (do you have any idea how often Nathan has to change that Diaper Genie liner?!), feeding [the baby] every two hours (yes, STILL!), dealing incessantly with what we lovingly call “spittles” (our cute word for baby puke) which not only adorns us and our clothes much of the day but also has become the fragrance of our lives for now, averaging an exceptionally below-average amount of sleep per night, etc…well, in this hustle and bustle it’s incredible how many random thoughts enter my mind in a day. I think parents of new babies must have some sort of short-circuiting going on in the mind just to function. An oxymoron, but still…it must be the case. And you thought the “hustle and bustle” I was referring to was Christmas! Ha! Christmas. Is. Cake.

Thought #1: I wonder how many loads of clean laundry will pile up before I start having to grab out of the clean, wrinkled basket that has been sitting there for ___ days? Now, I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due: Nathan folds laundry as soon as it’s out of the dryer, in most cases. (We both do laundry, it’s not “the woman‘s” job at our house. Whoever can just does it whenever he or she is able.) But since I’m home way more than he is, I often end up doing the laundry. But by “doing the laundry” I mean putting it in the washer with detergent, putting it in the dryer after that and then putting it in the “clean basket”. It’s not that I don’t fold laundry, I obviously have to at some point, but that’s the time-consuming part. Usually by then there’s a stinky diaper calling my name or baby needing snuggles or something more important. So Nathan does end up folding and hanging a lot of our laundry. I figure, as long as we do have clean clothes and towels, we can manage with the wrinkles IF and WHEN we have to start grabbing out of the basket. To think I used to iron my jeans…yeah, I’ve come a long way. I covet the day when I have time for that!

Thought #2: I have been incredibly inspired by a lady named Joni Middleton who works with Project Rescue and I need to turn that into more than mere inspiration. Joni is a missionary that our church supports. She visits and speaks every so often to update us about her work and her ministry and never before have I ever been so affected by hearing a missionary speak. Project Rescue is a ministry to women and children involved in human trafficking. It’s a multi-faceted program that helps get women and children out of sex slavery, but not only that, Project Rescue then teaches them how to live in practical and spiritual ways that transform their lives. The victims are provided with safe living situations and education. The program is esteemed for it’s devotion to Biblical truth and justice, the quality of care and education and the overall effectiveness of this ministry as a whole. There are 12 Homes of Hope in India, Nepal and Moldova with plans for expansion to sites in Bangladesh and Tajikistan. I don’t want to just be moved by hearing about people effectively doing things that matter with their lives, I want to be someone who is doing those things and motivating others to do the same.  Check out for more insight into this amazing ministry.

Thought #3: I now have the best Thanksgiving mishap story EVER!!! It’s a tradition in our family to make Candied Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. When my dad was alive he always made them and so the last few years since he’s been gone I’ve been the one to make them. Well, for the second year in a row we had Thanksgiving dinner at our house, but with Judah being here this year I made a couple less things than last year. So mom made the sweet potatoes to help me out and continue with the family tradition. She baked them at her house and brought them over. She saved the last step for my house, however. After the potatoes are baked, we top them with jumbo marshmallows and toast them in the oven right before serving. So, I had everything ready, all of our guests had arrived and we were ready to eat except for the sweet potatoes and a few last minute things like serving drinks and such. I arranged the marshmallows perfectly and slid the pan into the oven. And then I proceeded to finish up the last minute things. Well, I’ll tell you, I’m a pretty good cook if I do say so myself and with the exception of my very first time baking brownies all by myself when I was about 12 years old, I haven’t messed up very many things. (With those brownies, I ended up putting in a cup of salt instead of a teaspoon…they tasted like hairspray in brownie form.)

Anyways, back to the sweet potatoes. While I was doing three other things and trying to get around three people in our miniature kitchen, we started smelling something funny. And then I remembered the sweet potatoes upon which I was toasting marshmallows. So I opened the oven door and lo and behold flames shot out of the oven!!! Those marshmallows were definitely toasted. And roasted. And burnt to a crisp. So I closed the oven door. I was stunned and had to think of what I should do. We opened it back up, slid the rack out, looked at the flaming marshmallows for a few never-ending seconds and Nathan threw a kitchen towel over the pan. Quick thinking has never been my forte. Judah even slept through the smoke alarms and commotion!

Believe it or not, those potatoes were wonderful…after the charred top was scraped off. Sure, there were some black flakes remaining, but I seriously couldn’t even taste them. And I actually used to burn marshmallows on purpose when I was a kid toasting them around a campfire. I told people they didn’t have to feel obligated to eat them (obviously), but most of us did and enjoyed them, in fact.

What’s a holiday without an amusing story to remember for years to come? If my dad could see us from Heaven, I know he was cracking up at me almost ruining a staple of our holiday meal. And that makes me smile. Ear-to-ear grin.

Thought #4: I. Totally. Love. My. Boys. And all of my family, of course. That’s it.

So that’s just a sampling of what’s going on in my head today. Random, I know. Gotta love the hodge-podge of a sleepy mommy’s mind!


One thought on “An Assortment of Thoughts From a Sleep-Deprived Mommy

  1. Oh my gosh, a lot of your story made me laugh until I had tears, lol, even though I was there and remember every minute of your (our) sweet potato story….your writing Shannon is just unbelievable! Funny, serious, honest and down to earth! I love you darlin and thanks for a most wonderful Thanksgiving, again! Oh, and the lil precious that you and Nathan, and mostly God created! Love him so much….

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