Let’s Get Insane!

So this is the official start of my Insanity workout challenge from Beachbody and I’m pumped! After having my baby via emergency C-Section, I decided to actually follow the doctor’s orders concerning everything, including waiting the full 8 weeks to resume regular workouts.
Ever since I got the “go ahead” from my doctor at my postpartum exam, I’ve been working out faithfully 5-6 days a week doing a mix of Turbo Jam workouts (also from Beachbody and my all around favorite and fun workout), elliptical and free weights. I’ve built up my intensity and endurance in preparation for the craziness of Insanity.
My first impression of Insanity now that I’ve actually started is that it’s going to be an excellent challenge and kick my butt back into shape! Of course, this is why I bought Insanity and I’m willing to put in the time and energy to see great results, get healthier, stronger and lose the baby weight.
I’m thoroughly glad I made a point to get back into the groove of exercising before I decided to embark on this endeavor; Insanity is said to be one of the most difficult workout plans ever put on DVD and I can already see that my efforts will not be in vain. I was pleasantly surprised throughout the “Fit Test” that I didn’t just barely eek by…I most definitely have a lot of progress to make, but I was able to complete a reasonable number of each exercise in good form. I’m sore tonight and expect tomorrow’s workout to do some serious damage (in a good way): I already previewed it to see what I’m in for.

Let’s get insane!


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