Insanity Week 1 in Review

Although I’m a little late with this post, Week 1 of Insanity was a success!  I could not be more glad that I made an effort to build up my stamina a little before beginning Insanity. This is by far the most difficult workout routine I’ve ever done and I can see what the rage is all about. There’s no way a person could stick to this plan and not see impressive results.

The second and third days were definitely the worst, as is usual when starting any new workout and the last half of the week was great!  I felt more energized, experienced less discomfort and my confidence was definitely boosted.  Overall I eat pretty healthily, but have made a few changes to my eating habits; I have added more protein (something that tends to be difficult for me) and I’m making a point of eating smaller amounts more often throughout the day as opposed to eating three meals a day.

This workout is definitely a no-frills, no-nonsense workout. First of all, it’s shot in a typical-looking gym, not a manufactured set like many workout DVDs are and the videography is excellent. When people ask me my impression of the program so far, the word “fun” is not my first choice as it would be if I were talking about other workouts I enjoy such as Turbo Jam (who doesn’t love dance mixed with kickboxing?!). I’ve had to modify a few jumping movements that are irritating a previous knee injury from years ago, but even with that I am able to get my heart rate up and really work my body.

I enjoy Insanity because I feel awesome after I’m finished, like I’ve worked my butt off (because I have, haha) and I know I’m one day closer to my goals.  So maybe the word “rewarding” would be a good choice to describe this program.


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