Insanity Week 2 in Review

Wow, this week was great! I love the fact that every day in Insanity is different and that the schedule not only rotates daily, but also weekly so you’re never repeating the previous week’s workout schedule. The constant “confusion” of the muscles makes Insanity work.
I felt way more energetic this week, partially because I was more motivated and into the groove of things, but also because I was feeling so much better than Week 1 when I was still getting over being sick. My lovely friend Tamra is also doing Insanity and she’s been a great encouragement to me!
I’m happy to say that since the beginning of Insanity two weeks ago I have lost 3 pounds and a total of 8.5 inches overall! I’m psyched about this and I’m that much closer to my goal. What a wonderful feeling.
This coming week my plan is to push myself even harder. Insanity differs from other workout DVDs I’ve done in the way that you are encouraged to push yourself and also go at your own pace, taking very short breaks when necessary; even many of the people on the videos take breaks, so you don’t feel like the weakling or odd-ball out.
I’m loving the difference I feel physically and mentally this week and I’m ready for Week 3!


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