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Yeah, We’re Those People

You know those people who never stop talking about their kids, who post pictures constantly on Facebook, the people you roll your eyes at every time you hear their baby’s name?

WE’RE THOSE PEOPLE!!!  I never really thought we’d be them, but we are.  It happened overnight really.  September 13th to be exact.

We’ve been great about sticking to a schedule for Judah, otherwise the whole next day is horrendous.  So he’s goes to bed between 7:15 and 7:45 every night now.  But Nathan and I were laughing in bed the other night at the fact that when baby’s asleep we’re either looking at pictures and videos of him or talking about him.  And we go into his room just to look at him sleeping in his crib. Haha!

We just can’t get enough of our little Gerber baby.


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