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Two Unexpected Discoveries: Greek Yogurt and Agave Nectar

I hate yogurt and I love sugar.

Yogurt would be a great addition to my diet, if only I could choke it down; I hate the tang of it that makes my tongue roll up involuntarily. And sugar I could really do without…aren’t I sweet enough without it?

Those of you who have been following my Insanity progress know that I am coming up to the end of my first month and I’ve been happy with the results so far. This week I really wanted to change up some things I’ve been eating, though. I wasn’t eating anything “bad” per se, but I wanted to eat better. So instead of my protein bar snack (lots of protein, no sugar, fairly low calories and still tasty) after each workout, I’ve been making my own fruit smoothies.

I tried Greek yogurt awhile back to see if it might not have that tang I hate. It does. But I wanted to give it another try. Instead of just eating it, I’m using it and a little skim milk for my smoothie base. It’s perfect! The brand I’m buying has a whopping 23 grams of protein per cup! It’s also nonfat, has no sugar, it’s high in calcium (which I really need because I also hate milk and never have enough calcium) and low in calories. With the berries I mix in, the tang is absolutely unnoticeable! I can
finally eat yogurt without choking it down.

The other discovery I’ve recently made is Agave Nectar. I’ve seen it health food sections, but have never known what I could use it for. Now I know: it’s the perfect sweetener! I refuse to eat artificial sweeteners. They’re like poison to our bodies. But I also need something I can sweeten stuff like oatmeal and coffee with and not have the undesirable effects of sugar.

Agave Nectar is sweeter than sugar, so you need less, it’s very mild in flavor so it’s very versatile (I used it as a substitute for brown sugar in Broccoli Beef last night and it tasted exactly like the other times I’ve made it and of course it’s wonderful in my smoothies) and it is very low one the glycemic index, meaning it doesn’t give your body that major spike in blood sugar and subsequent drop as it does with regular sugar.

Those are my two new favorite ingredients and I hope to find even more ways to use them!


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