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Insanity Week 4 in Review

One month of Insanity down, woohoo!  I feel great.  I’m weighing and measuring myself once every two weeks.  The last two weeks I’ve only gone down two pounds, but I was pleasantly surprised when I measured that I’ve lost 8 inches these last two weeks!  So for the total this month I’ve lost 5 pounds and 16.5 inches overall!!! To see results like that in a month motivates me to keep up with the hard work, even on those days I can’t hardly incline myself to put the DVD in the player.

As far as energy goes, this week was way better than Week 3.  Judah slept better, I ate better and I could definitely tell the difference.  I was also able to workout early in the mornings, too, which I much prefer over later in the day.  It’s funny because although I try to workout when Judah goes down for a nap, it doesn’t always work out that he sleeps for the duration of the workouts so he often watches me jump around like a maniac and it actually works out nicely because all that movement keeps him well-entertained!  He seems especially captivated when I’m doing drills where I drop to the floor, do a set of push-ups, jump up with my hands in the air and drop back down to the floor over and over again.  I think he actually thinks his mother’s gone bananas for the moment, but I ease any worry he might experience right after the workout with lots of hugs and kisses for him!

After doing this for a month, I would totally recommend it for anyone needing a change in their exercise routine, needing to see better results with their efforts and wanting more energy.  This coming week is Recovery Week, which I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but I’m assuming it will be a semi-laidback week compared to the previous four…something I’m looking forward to.  And then after begins the second, even more intense month of Insanity!


3 thoughts on “Insanity Week 4 in Review

  1. Wow! That is awesome!!! I can’t imagine doing “Insanity”….this one is hard enough, lol….buy yay for you! Very proud of you and what awesome results!!!

  2. Amazing Shannon! This make me want to bust it out and try it for reals! I will ask Rane about it and maybe I can start doing it too, that is so great!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

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