A Spark of Vision

Having a baby has a lot of perks (no need for ever remembering to set an alarm, all of a sudden things that used to be impossible to do with two hands become possible with only one amazingly enough, you instantly have a fan club of people everywhere you go complimenting everything from the baby’s gigantic head to the pacifier clippy thing that keeps it from falling to the floor every 2.7 seconds, etc.) including the major re-prioritization of life.

Part of it is that I just don’t have much time for extra things, so the time I do spend on those extras I want to make worthwhile. I was blessed today while talking to a friend about my passion for writing and turning it into more than just a hobby. It’s wonderful to have the kind of friends to help talk things over when I’m in a quandary about something. She sparked an idea in me that will take some time and thought, but I see a vision beginning to form. We shall see!


2 thoughts on “A Spark of Vision

  1. Hmmmm…..I am interested….you have always been an amazing writer….that sounds exciting….ok, we shall see!
    I know one thing….you are an amazing mother….I love watching you with Judah….the love you have for him, the sparkle in your eyes when you look or talk to him….the sweetness in your voice, your patience (cause he has been a hard baby…. precious, but not easy)….I’m so proud of ya darlin….

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