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Today many Christians all over the world observe Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  Regardless of denominational and theological differences, the celebration of this season leading up to Easter is marked as a time of spiritual renewal, growth, giving, prayer and fasting.

I don’t pretend to personally know all about Lent; I have never been one to celebrate Ash Wednesday nor Lent in regular religious observance, nor have I attended services or Mass for it, however, I think all Christians would concur that we would all gain from time honored especially for spiritual renewal, growth, giving, prayer and fasting in our lives.

It may be easy to view Lent as just another season on a Liturgical sacred calendar, but there is always great value in prioritizing spiritual renewal, regardless of whether or not we observe Lent as a religious holiday in the traditional sense or if we simply take the opportunity of this time before Resurrection Sunday to consecrate ourselves to God anew, concentrating on the significance of Christ’s resurrection in our lives.

May we all fix our eyes on His sacrifice for us.


One thought on “Lent

  1. Loved this Post! I was actually invited to a Lent Service last night at an Episcopal Church. It was definitely and experience but I have to say it helped focus me on why Easter is so important.

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