Insanity Recovery Week in Review

I feel like this week came just in time; after a month of pushing, pushing, pushing myself during the regular Insanity workouts, it was nice to take it a little easier.  Recovery Week isn’t code for “Lazy Week”, though, and I was still working and getting my heart rate up.

On the Insanity calendar, this week is the only week you’re supposed to do the same DVD each day: “Core Cardio & Balance”. Well, I have to admit that I got bored at the thought of doing the same workout every day so I mixed it up and alternated a few Turbo Jam workouts with the Insanity workouts!  I figured it couldn’t hurt since I was still working out, getting my heart rate up and it wasn’t so intense as to make the whole Recovery Week idea a bust.  I’m so glad I did!  I needed a fun interlude.

I was absolutely thrilled with the number of inches I lost during the first month, but I have to be honest…I was surprised and a little disappointed to see that I had worked my butt off and ate right day after day for a month and lost a mere 5 pounds.  So I did a little reading and decided I needed to figure out how many calories I should actually be consuming a day to stay in the weight loss window of not-too-many/not-too-few.  Which, yes, is way more technical than I’d like to bother with, but if it helps, it’s worth it to me.  I used the Harris Benedict Equation for females: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 xheight in inches) – (4.7 x age in years).  You then multiply that number by what is called your exercise factor.  For a person doing Insanity, their exercise factor should be somewhere from 1.55 to 1.7.  I used 1.55 for my exercise factor in the equation because some days I know I’m not as energetic as other days while working out, I didn’t want to over-compensate for calories and end up eating too much, and I prefer to err on the side of caution.

I’m glad I went to the trouble of plugging in my numbers into the equation because I discovered that I was consistently consuming 400-500 calories LESS than I should be in a day, considering the energy expenditure from doing Insanity along with the fact that I want to lose weight.  I expected to find that I was eating too many calories.  So I [hesitantly] added 500 calories to my daily consumption this week.  I say hesitantly because it’s difficult to comprehend that despite wanting to lose weight, I have to be eating a certain amount of caloriesand I didn’t even feel ike I was starving myself.  So I decided for this week I would try it out and up my daily calorie consumption by 500, I would weigh at the end and if it seemed to help the weight loss I’d continue doing it.  Keep  in mind that I’m not haphazardly adding 500 calories worth of junk — it’s still healthy stuff, just a little more.  Well, I got on the scale today and VOILA! I lost 2 pounds in the last six days.  So I guess I found my window!

Now I feel like I can enthusiastically go into the second month of Insanity after somewhat of a reprieve this week and also with the confidence boost of a little more weight loss.  These workouts coming up are closer to an hour instead of the 40-45 minutes of the first month, which is still doable.  I am a little nervous thinking about these crazy workouts being longer and more intense, but it should be a good week coming up!


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