Insanity Week 5 in Review

This was the first Insanity week of Month 2 (technically Week 6, but Recovery Week doesn’t really count)…OH. MY.  I knew it would be more intense and longer time wise, but wow!  I don’t think I realized just how much more difficult it could be.

First of all, I believe I mentioned in last week’s Recovery Week post that the Month 2 DVDs are hour-long workouts as compared to the 40-45 minute routines of Month 1.  It’s amazing how much difference 15-20 minutes makes when you’re already pushing yourself to the max!

Each DVD is different, but to give you an idea, here’s the basic format of the circuit interval workouts (I’ve estimated warm-up and stretching times, so these aren’t exact):

10-minute warm-up (which you’re sweating a few minutes into)

10-minute stretching

30-second water break

(3) 3-minute circuits, 45-second intervals for each exercise

30-second water break

(3) 3-minute circuits, 45-second intervals for each exercise

30-second water break

(3) 3-minute circuits, 45-second intervals for each exercise

(1) 3-minute circuit, 45-second intervals for each exercise

30-second water break

5-minute stretching

So the basic differences between Month 1 and Month 2 are the number of circuits and the length of the intervals for each circuit; in Month 1 there were only 2 sets of 3 circuits compared to 3 sets of 3 circuits in Month 2, and the intervals in Month 1 were only 30 seconds long.   There some of the same movements, but Shaun T. has added a lot more challenging variations and some altogether new moves for Month 2.  These things combine to make Month 2 of Insanity even more insane!!!

The length of the workouts was an issue for me this week.  I can pace myself and get through the entire routines just fine, but with Judah’s silly sleep patterns, it’s rare that I have an entire hour to workout without him waking up.  So I had to press pause a few times this week, but for the most part was able to go right back into the workout while Judah played and watched me for the rest of the routine; he’s greatly entertained by Mommy doing Insanity!

Although this month is turning out to be way tougher than I imagined, I’m glad to have the challenge and experience the continual changes in myself and I’m excited to see the results at the end of this month!


One thought on “Insanity Week 5 in Review

  1. You go girl!!! Wow, I can’t even begin to imagine, haha!! I love my little 20 minute work-outs, yet I’m not seeing results like you either. That’s okay, I’m hanging in there and I know it will be a while.
    I’m proud of you for pushing on! Especially, like you said, with Judah….that has to make it more of a challenge!!! And I love your blogs….

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