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Vision in the Making

From the beginning of my writing days in elementary school when we were required to write short stories beginning with a specific prompt assigned by the teacher, I have always had the desire to write books. I enjoy all sorts of creative outlets, but writing is by far one of the most important and rewarding to me.

For a long time I have struggled with narrowing down my concepts into a workable topic or plot because I have so many snippets of ideas that I feel could be meaningful and worthwhile with some planning, hard work and inventiveness on my part.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a “spark of vision” for a writing project while talking with one of my closest friends. I’ve been pondering that idea ever since and I think I’ve found somewhere to start.

We all know the cliche “stick with what you know” and while I think that thought might sometimes limit us, sometimes it brings focus to a mind that seems to be swimming with many thoughts going every which way. That has been the case for me in mulling over the idea of my new writing endeavor.

I want to use some childhood experiences and memories as the backbone of a book that I can imagine might be best marketed towards pre-teens. However, I don’t want to the book to be autobiographical in nature; I simply want to use some of my own memories as inspiration.

I’m a nerd and I love to pull up every day and see what the “word of the day” is. Today the word is “afflatus”: -noun, a divine inspiration.

So, is my inspiration divine? I don’t know, but for now I’m going with it and we will see where it leads!


2 thoughts on “Vision in the Making

  1. Well, writing is definitely one of your many gifts that you have been blessed with Shannon….since you were a little girl I remember how well you wrote! It was almost unbelievable….and yes, I most definitely think it’s divine….a God-given talent! I am excited about your new endeavor and can’t wait to see what you come up with….even if you are a nerd….lol

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