Insanity Week 7 in Review

Wow, another week of Insanity has ended and I only have one more to go to finish the challenge! (I’m dancing a jig here!) This week was by far the toughest to push myself through and I must admit…I skipped two days! Oops.

It was an all around hard, emotional and exhausting week for many reasons and I lost some focus. I’m feeling the need to change up the routine, but I’m going to “Dig deeper!” as Shaun T. says over and over again on the DVDs and finish strong.

I think it’s always important to have goals. I am a major list person; I need the focus that making a list every day affords me. I find that this helps me prioritize and accomplish much more than I do without having an aim.

I bought Insanity because I am working on getting back into shape after having the baby. I’m not one of those girls who looks like they’ve never had a baby 6 weeks after, and I wanted a workout program that would help spur me on towards my health and fitness goals. It has done just that, as well as a number of other things.

When we commit to something, anything…and see the process of that commitment as it is fulfilled day after day, confidence and character are just a couple of traits that are birthed. Perseverance and determination help us continue on the chosen path, but it is the commitment itself that is at the heart of what motivates us to press on.

Here’s to the coming last week of Insanity…for awhile, at least.


One thought on “Insanity Week 7 in Review

  1. Way to go! You can do it! I know I’ve been slacking some too from not feeling well, etc., but now I need to get going again! Love your blogs….

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