Insanity Complete: Week 8 and The Entire Challenge in Review

I am finished!!!  Yay!!!  I am so happy to have completed Insanity; it has been challenging, motivating and frustrating all at once, among other things…but I love the results of all my intense work, as well as a great feeling of accomplishment.  The last two weeks I have lost 4 more inches and 3 more pounds, so in the entire 2 months of the Insanity challenge, I have lost a grand total of 29 inches and 14 pounds all around! That alone is worth it.  I feel better, have more energy and my endurance has sky-rocketed, in addition, and I am so much closer to my fitness goals.

This last week was the most difficult by far, although I kept the end in mind and persevered.  I have been sooo bored lately doing the same ole type of workouts, but I decided before I ever bought the Insanity program that I was going to do the entire thing…and I can now say that I have!  As I’ve mentioned previously, I will definitely keep doing Insanity workouts, just not every day.  I love changing it up and doing a variety of exercise and workouts.  So that’s my plan from here!

I absolutely recommend Insanity, but I also recommend reading lots of reviews, talking to people who have done it and really finding out what you’re in for if you plan on spending a chunk of change for it.  It’s INSANE…in a wonderful way.  You will hate it and love it at the same time if you’re anything like me.

Anything worth anything requires a lot of hard work.  And it’s always worth it.


One thought on “Insanity Complete: Week 8 and The Entire Challenge in Review

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