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My Cup Runneth Over

I have recently come to the realization that I have relaxed a bit in being Judah’s Mommy, which I find wonderful! Talking to other mommies that I love and respect and who also value many of the same things I do has given me new perspective on motherhood.

I’m the kind of person who reads and researches a lot about being a mom and raising a child; I’m not the type to just fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to my baby (or anything else, for that matter)! I want to know the facts, I want to make the best decisions with what I know and give Judah the best opportunities I can for learning and growing in every aspect of life. Thankfully, Nathan and I are very similar in this crucial part of parenting.

People like us, however, tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves and it can become wearing at times. We found this especially true with the arrival of our new baby. Many times we were so concerned about doing everything “just so” and perfectly that when something didn’t turn out so perfectly in reality, we had to trudge through some genuinely hard feelings of disappointment, inadequacy and the like.

Dr. Seuss said it just right: “Life’s a great balancing act.” I think we’ve settled into our parenting roles quite nicely at this point (given, we’re only 7 and a half months in) and relaxed somewhat (compared to our previous state of unrelenting uptight-ness), although you can bet your Roth IRA and your kid’s college fund that we’ll be the parents who take every precaution under the sun every day to ensure our child’s well-being, no matter how uncool we may forever be. That doesn’t mean we will run our house like a military platoon, though. We want our home to be a haven for us all, a place that is fun and welcoming to everyone, somewhere people want to be.

I know that there will be times raising Judah when Nathan and I will experience disappointment in ourselves and/or circumstances, sometimes feel inadequate and unsure of ourselves, just like we were brand new parents all over again in new situations that may arise in the future. I think most parents have very similar concerns, despite the various parenting styles we favor, and we are all working towards the same end: our child’s best.

Today especially, I’m thankful to God for wisdom, peace of mind and joy that are free-flowing.

My heart is full and my cup runneth over.20110420-091147.jpg




One thought on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Love this blog….I have to admit that I love all of your blogs, but this one touches my heart just like a lot of your other ones ….but, this is so precious….you both are such sweet parents and I know you have done everything you can to be great parents….and you both are…..your lil sweetheart baby is so fortunate to have you and Nathan as his Mommy and Daddy…
    He has been a “hard” baby, but a sweet baby and overall a “good” baby….you are both also fortunate to have this type of baby….he gives you (and us) such joy every single day….well, and at times some unnerving moments, lol as well….
    It thrills my heart to see you interact with him and vice versa, you are such a sweet and loving Mommy….so patient and perfect with him….I thank God for lil Judah and this love you three share…..I am thankful too that your cup runneth over :) Mine is too….

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