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Good Friday to You

Good Friday, Great Friday, God’s Friday, Holy Friday. Believers around the world may have different names for today, but we’re all remembering the same thing: the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the sacrifice of His life to become our Savior.

Isn’t it ironic that despite the fact that the Friday before Resurrection Sunday is set apart as a time to focus on Christ’s death, it is called “good”, “great”, “God’s” and “holy”? No one else’s death is celebrated nor remembered as such. If my family and I remembered August 6th, 2008 (the day of my dad’s death) as “Good Wednesday”, people would think we were nuts and probably even kind of morbid.

So how, in observing Christ’s torturous death, can we call this day good? In light of His death and resurrection together, it is GOOD. No one else’s death has done or will ever do anything for our souls. Jesus’ death alone has brought us grace, mercy and transformative power to live lives that glorify Him. This weekend marks the biggest, most joyous celebration of all in the life of a Christian. And while we (hopefully!) celebrate it daily throughout the year, this weekend especially, let us rejoice in the love of our Heavenly Father and Redeemer.

I am humbled by this thought: God only knows where I might be and who I may have become if not for His death on the cross for my soul.

Every other religion or lifestyle on Earth carries the basic belief that “all roads lead to God”. “Whatever works for you.” But God’s Word says that Jesus is THE way. Christians are labeled intolerant and close-minded for such a bold statement.

I think that most arguments are futile when it comes to the topics that people are most passionate about; the best way for me “argue” my case is to genuinely live it out. For action coupled with faith is stronger than anything I will ever write or say.

Good Friday to you.


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