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Resurrection Day or Easter?

As I sit here writing, there are only 11 minutes left in the day. It was our son’s first Easter…or Resurrection Day, if we want to get technical. Now that I’m a mom certain things have become more technical and there’s no way of getting around it.

Nathan and I are torn between such things like Santa or no Santa, Easter egg hunts or not, trick-or-treating or no…you get the idea. I’ve learned over time that most decisions are best made ahead of time, before choosing comes down to the last critical moments of this or that, here or there, etc. Making smart decisions ahead of time saves a lot of heartache and regret.

To most of us, all of those holiday things are silly childhood rites of passage that mean nothing more than harmless fun. But when you research the origins of some holiday traditions, you discover some pretty interesting facts.

The origin of the word “Easter” comes from the name of the fertility, love and sex goddess known as Ishtar/Eastre/Ashoreth/Astarte/Aphrodite. The bunnies and eggs that have become an incredibly commercialized and marketed part of Easter are rooted in the worship of this goddess. Over time, the celebration of this goddess and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ have coincided so closely date-wise that they have evolved into one holiday instead of two. Crazy.

So am I accusing everyone who orchestrates an Easter egg hunt for their children of being pagan worshippers of Ishtar? No! But I think parents should understand where the bunnies and eggs all originated and make decisions based on knowledge rather than on haphazardly following traditions and everyone else’s ideas. And that goes for parenting in general, not just egg hunts.

I grew up trick-or-treating, taking pictures on Santa’s lap and finding Easter eggs. I have a lot of great memories of those times. And I’m not a pagan worshipper. It was fun!

Will I refuse to let my kids take part in those kinds of things? Probably not. But when we’re celebrating something holy as compared to just having silly fun, we will teach them the stark difference.

I don’t want my life to be about adhering to a list of things I can do and a list of things I can’t do and seeing how close to the line I can possibly get. I want it to be about exalting my Creator and fulfilling who I was created to be.


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