Rants and Raves

My New Favorite: www.pinterest.com

Do you ever hate bookmarking a bunch of links when planning an event? Or when looking for that new dress for a special night out? Nathan doesn’t understand my newest obsession: www.pinterest.com. Ok, it’s not really an obsession, but I completely LOVE this website. He was laughing at me for 30 minutes last night as I said “I love this so much!” repeatedly.

Essentially, Pinterest is designed for people to create and share their own digital collages of their interests. Upon joining, you add the “pinmarklet” to your browser’s bookmark bar and whenever you find something you like on the web, a snippet of inspiration or a tidbit of an idea, you simply press the “pinmarklet”, choose the image you want to pin and the image is pinned to the board of your choosing without ever having to leave the current site.

Oh how I wish this site had existed when I was planning my wedding! Do you know how much time I would have saved? I had a huge binder of magazine clippings, pictures printed from random websites, along with notes and sketches. Pinterest is the perfect site for collecting ideas and inspiration for a variety of projects and events, as well as being cheap (free) entertainment for those of us who enjoy finding beautiful, interesting random things and organizing them in one place.

So far I’ve just been doing this for fun, but my latest board, entitled “1stBirthday.Ideas” is where I am collecting ideas for Judah’s 1st birthday party…which is coming up way too soon.

Thanks to my friend Tina, I discovered Pinterest and stole her idea to blog about it! Check out My Pinterest Profile



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