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Neroli Oil & Lavender Oil for Baby Eczema

For nearly four years I worked with a lady who is passionate and knowledgeable about aromatherapy, natural/alternative medicine and everything related. She incorporated that knowledge into her work as a hairdresser and esthetician and it intrigued me.

It’s no secret in our society especially that many people rely on pharmaceuticals to relieve symptoms, yet rarely seem to delve into searching for the root problem. So when I saw my coworker use natural ways to deal with various symptoms and find the causes of so many problems for herself, her family and even some clients, I was even more inclined to give ear to what she had to say and appreciate her wisdom in this area.

Our 8 month old baby has extreme eczema all over his body and although we and our beloved pediatrician would rather not use steroid cream on a little baby, we have resorted to using it on Judah for major flare-ups because sometimes it gets so bad that the risk of infection is too great. In the mean time we have changed laundry detergents, eliminated fragrances in everything we use on him, changed foods that he eats, we moisturize his body at least 4 times a day, etc. and still very little has changed (although with the warmer temperatures and more humidity in the air we have noticed that his skin is a little better). We have researched and tried numerous products which often seem to help, but eventually the eczema flares up again and we are at a loss for what to do. Dr. Anderson says we are doing everything right, Judah just has extremely sensitive skin (which he can thank his mother for!).

So I began thinking of conversations I had with my previous coworker and I decided to do some research into aromatherapy and essential oils for babies, especially for eczema. If you’re unfamiliar with essential oils, you need to be aware that although they are natural, they are very potent and not all oils are suitable for using on children and babies, so make sure you do your homework before using anything like this on little ones. A drop or two goes a long way in aromatherapy so there’s also no need to overdo it on the amounts used.

For example, I use eucalyptus oil in hot baths and diffuse it sometimes when I’m experiencing terrible sinus infections as I often do. But it only takes a few drops in the tub, otherwise it burns my skin. It opens up my sinuses and helps with chest congestion, as well. But eucalyptus oil cannot be used on children under two years old, so beware and do your homework before you use any oils!

I bought a few oils to try out for different things, most importantly for Judah’s skin. I started mixing my own oils and I have found a combination that is working wonders on the eczema like nothing else has done so far! A lot of essential oils require some dilution in what are referred to as carrier oils. Grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba and even olive oils are all great carrier oils. So I put about a teaspoon or two of grapseed oil in a small dish and then added a couple drops of Neroli oil and a drop of Lavender oil, swished it around and applied the mixture with a cotton round to every spot of eczema on baby’s body. Within 5 minutes of the first application, the inflammation and cracking of the spots began to improve and is continuing to do so. This is so encouraging because we have tried so many alternatives to the steroid cream and nothing but the essential oils have made such an amazing difference for Judah’s skin!

Seeing the great improvement in Judah’s eczema has really heightened my interest in using more essential oils for ourselves and in our home for different purposes, so I’m continuing my research and I’ll share my discoveries on here as I find them!



3 thoughts on “Neroli Oil & Lavender Oil for Baby Eczema

  1. Did this do the trick long term? Looking to try essential oils myself on our little guy’s eczema.

    Enjoying your blog as I’m reading through!

  2. I have found that not only my baby but I have a intolerance to dairy. I have had dandruff or so I thought my whole life. Most people don’t give it a month for all dairy out of their system because it is hard to digest. Now that I have eliminated dairy eczema is gone :-) essential oil was also my tep fix until all dairy was eliminated.

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