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Our Baby May Learn to Talk with a Southern Accent

Those closest to us know that our recent announcement that we are moving out of Alaska comes as no surprise; we’ve been talking about it for…well, a long time!

Nathan and I were prepared for feedback and reactions spanning the spectrum, but it’s always interesting with a major announcement the things people have to say, both positive and negative.

First of all, there are the ones who, despite all expectation, shock your socks off with congratulations and backing of your decision; this kind of reaction is encouraging, unanticipated and reassuring in light of the negative reactors. Although you may be taken aback by this unforeseen show of support, usher it in graciously and revel in it, for you never know what the next person might say!

The next kind of people are those who hear your plans and start grumbling about all the reasons why you shouldn’t do what you’ve decided to do before you’ve even finished your sentence. This negativity can be caused by a number of reasons: A. They are negative people in general and it can’t help but flow out. B. They don’t like the way this decision will affect them. C. They are envious because they wish they could do the same. D. It really is a dumb choice on your part and they are attempting to convey this message to you the best way they know how.

The next type of people have little to no reaction. They are the ones who are even-keeled to the hilt, the ones who skirt around with seemingly no response to your big announcement. They are indifferent to the impending change about to take place. Basically, they don’t care and upon realization of this you understand that the announcement need not to have been made to them anyways; it would not have mattered one way or the other.

And then there are the ones who really know you and want the absolute best for you, understand the motivation for the shifts and changes in your life and trust that you are making a wise move with all things taken into consideration. These are the people who, even though you may talk through the situation with, do not require explanation or reasoning to validate your decision because they already know it, they already know you.

I say this all in jest, but we seriously have received each kind of the above responses concerning our move, and while we deeply care what our family and friends have to say and feel about this major move, above all else we recognize some opportunities for ourselves that we believe are directly from God and rather than continuing to talk about it for years, we have decided to act.

We don’t know how all the details will play out, but we do know that God directs our steps. We have a realtor who is confident that she can sell our house within a reasonable amount of time; she thinks it’s fairly priced and perfect for the current market, immaculate, decorated beautifully, welcoming and enticing for buyers. So when it sells and we close, the three of us are headed to Texas where Nathan will attend a five week Aircraft Dispatcher course just south of DFW airport. The school has an excellent job placement program and while we are hoping to stay in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he may get a job offer elsewhere which we are completely game for, as well.

We have so many dear people and memories here, so leaving will be most difficult because of them. We will miss our family and friends here so much! Just as with any considerable move, there are variables and adjustments to be made, transitions to go through, but we are off on an adventure and we couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities and blessings in our life!










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