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My 5 Step Plan in the Event of a “Surprise” Home Showing

No home showings yet, but the house hasn’t been on the market long; the signs have been up since Sunday and the MLS listing has only been active since Wednesday. In fact I prayed all day yesterday that our realtor wouldn’t call to ask if we could do a showing.

Nathan and I discussed our plan the other day, especially for Thursdays when we both work and are away from home: we get up early, get the baby fed and ready for the day, get ourselves ready for work and spend the rest of the morning cleaning and straightening the house for the day, readying it for any possible last-minute showings. So just how wonderfully did our plan play out, you ask? Well, let’s put it this way…we were glad the realtor DIDN’T ring yesterday.

I would so love it if every day my house looked like a picture out of a magazine. Pillows perfectly arranged in decorative ways, every piece of laundry clean, dried and hung up in an orderly fashion in the closet, not a single bit of proof that people actually live here and a fresh Scentsy scent wafting through the air (preferably Mediterranean Spa or Coconut Lemongrass, two of my favorites). I can hear Steven Tyler singing “Dream On” in my head right about now.

The cold, hard truth is that my house looks lived in most of the time. I’ll never understand the people who say “Oh, I love a house that looks ‘lived in’!” Well, think what you will, but I love my house looking like the “Decorating & Ideas” section of House Beautiful. Realistic, no. Admirable aspiration, absolutely.

With this revelation and in light of us recently putting our house on the market, I have devised a plan for those times we may have a “surprise” home showing. Now, our realtor will normally give us 24 hours notice before a showing, but we told her not to hesitate to ask if someone wants to see the house with little notice; just give us a jingle and ask…we can always say “No”. But we want to sell our house, so we’ll bust our butts to accommodate potential buyers when we can reasonably do so.

So here’s my plan of attack in the event of such a circumstance:

1. Hoist the baby into the Pikkolo baby carrier. He is never more content than when he is being held close and he is never more entertained than when he is moving, so schlepping him around the house with me is the best of both!

2. Remove extraneous items from the premises. Namely laundry baskets full of laundry that I haven’t yet gotten to. I said something to the realtor about this and she said she recommends that her clients simply put their laundry in their cars before they leave for a showing. Kind of made me chuckle, but it’s #2 on my plan, so it can’t be too silly to me, now can it? It’s way faster than trying to fold and hang everything when I’ll already be dashing around like a chicken with my head cut off.

3. Wipe countertops, scrub toilet and vacuum floors animatedly with zest. My enthusiasm will be motivated by my fervor to make everything look perfect in a minimal amount of time, so I need not put effort into the “animated zest”…it will come naturally.

4. Flick the zebra print Scentsy warmer on and set out a small plate of chocolate and fruit. Snacks may be unnecessary, but I’m determined to make our house stand out among the rest and you really can’t go wrong with either of those items.

5. Turn on The iPod dock and let the relaxing intonations of Norah Jones or Jack Johnson emanate through the air. Although everyone has different musical preferences I feel that both Norah and Jack are pretty safe and equally loved by many.

So that’s the plan. Looking around at my house right now I’m thinking I better get off the computer and start straightening up. Just in case…


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