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Our Last Night in Our Little Home

When I first saw this little log house that I’ve called home for the past two and a half years I was driving my dad’s truck with him on a snowy afternoon on our way home from town; I had plans to hang out with Nathan and see his house that night and I wanted to make sure I could find the place in the dark.

As I slowed the truck down for our “drive-by”, my first thought was how cute the little house was (which Nathan has always reminded me that a guy never wants his house referred to as ‘cute’, but oh well) and my dad was admiring the logs (Dad had always dreamed of living in a log home). He was impressed that as a 22-year-old kid, Nathan had shown enough forethought to have a house built for himself. I was impressed, too.

When I walked in that night I completely fell in love (with the house!); I started “decorating” in my head, imagining what I could do with the little charmer. Little did I know that in just a year I would have full reign of that house [insert evil laugh here].

And here we are tonight, three and a half years later…this shall be the last night we spend in our humble first home and until now I haven’t been very emotional about it, but as we packed and cleaned and packed some more, we talked about all the memories this little house holds for us; it is where we had some of our favorite dates (cooking together), it is where Nathan proposed (a wonderful story if you haven’t heard it), it is where my mom, girlfriends and I set up work on wedding stuff (like licking wedding invitation envelopes and making 20 two-foot tall red Christmas tree centerpieces and practicing hot-gluing our fingers together (j/k about that last one…we didn’t try to do that, it just happened)), it is where Nathan brought his new wife home after our honeymoon in Mexico, it is the house we started learning how to be a wonderful husband and wife in, it is where we enjoyed countless game night fiestas with family and friends and sleepovers with our niece and nephew, it is where I became more of the writer that I have always dreamed of becoming and more of a chef than I ever thought possible (and I love it), it is where I told Nathan that we were going to have a baby (that is a cute story, too), it is where we dreamed of what life would be like with our baby (I just want to say right now for the record that Nathan and I both feel it is completely false advertising on all the baby products to have pictures of gleeful babies all over the place and pretty, pleasant-looking parents staring into the eyes of their calm babies with wonder), it is the house we brought our precious tiny bundle home to (and quickly learned to live on 2.7 hours of sleep a night), it is the place we have completely fallen in love with our Judah and have watched him do all of his “firsts” until now, it is the only home the three of us have known together.

And now we embark on a journey that is the product of much dreaming, soul-searching, prioritizing and what we believe is the Lord’s leading. Many changes lie ahead, some challenges and also blessings. While we are sad to say goodbye to our family and friends here in Alaska, we are filled with joy and excitement at what lies ahead for us!


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