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Three Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye to Dad…For A Little While

As we were packing up our things in preparation for moving I came across many things I didn’t even remember having. One of the most notable items was the last birthday card I gave my dad. He turned 59 March 29th, 2008. It was just a little over 4 months prior to his death.

I wrote a page of words on the inside of the card, but a few caught my attention above the others. I wrote:

I hate to see you hurting and unable to do the things you really want to be doing, but I’m amazed at your attitude and morale. You’re teaching me to look beyond myself and see situations in a bigger light.

What a way to leave this world; showing people how to live in the midst of less than perfect circumstances.

A few weeks ago Pastor Brown shared a sermon that spoke to me especially. He talked about how people are always wondering and asking things like “Why did God let that happen?” When tragedy strikes it seems like a major part of dealing with it is trying to understand why something so awful could happen. Christians agree that ultimately, bad things happen because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. But seriously, when my family and I were going through the worst part of grieving I wasn’t thinking about the Fall, I was asking God “Why?”

I have asked that very question over and over again in the past three years and I have yet to come up with an answer that I am at rest with except for this thought, which also happened to be, essentially, Pastor’s answer in his sermon: maybe one reason God allows some heartache into our lives is to help loosen our grip, so to speak, on this temporary, earthly life and help us to become more heavenly-minded.

I think it’s a little more complicated than that, but one thing I am absolutely aware of is that losing my dad has definitely “loosened the grip” of this fleeting life for me. I long for the day I enter into Heaven and out of this broken world.

Deep calls unto deep.

God has set eternity in our hearts. When the tough realities of life break our hearts, there’s the proof; it wasn’t meant to be like this. We were not created for brokenness, but wholeness. We were not created to live just a few years, but rather forever.

What a day of rejoicing that will be…


3 thoughts on “Three Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye to Dad…For A Little While

  1. Oh darlin….this is so beautiful…I remember that sermon as well and it really got me to thinking….really spoke to me too. I remember that last card too (cause I always read other peoples cards)….it was so true….he was a true inspiration to everyone…I’m sure we have no idea the pain he suffered and to think about his attitude and compassion for others…’s pretty amazing….YES!! What a day of rejoicing that will be!!!! Love you, be there …….Mom

  2. Shannon ~
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Pastor’s sermon spoke to me as well, as does this writing of yours. Thanking God that He takes these broken vessels and makes us whole and desires to have us with Him for eternity! Very beautiful, Shannon – Bless your heart… Your Dad was a very special man – you are continueing evidence of that…

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