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Discovering Motivation

In the span of a week my life has changed dramatically in the area of my writing. I set up an account on Elance just to see what it was like and attempt to enter the world of freelance writing, which is something I’ve thought about, dreamed about and aspired to do for quite some time and just haven’t flung myself into until now.

So in the week since I set up my Elance account, I have been awarded 3 jobs that I have placed bids on and when all of my work is turned in a few days from now, I will have earned more money than was my goal for the first entire month. I guess I need to re-figure.

The first job was for an Australian company that required 10 health and fitness articles to be written according to their chosen topics which ranged from superfoods to metabolism and everything in between. This task was a bit academic in writing style with a little humorous pizzazz thrown in here and there.

The second was for another Australian company, this time a dry cleaning business that specializes in wedding gown preservation. This client requested 5 articles concerning the necessity and benefit of wedding gown preservation that will be sent as e-mails to potential customers. The sixth article they requested was a general article about their extensive dry cleaning services. Although it may sound a little dry topic-wise, this was actually a super fun job to do. A few of the articles were slightly formal in style, but the others were done very creatively in short story format.

The third job I was awarded today is the one I’m most excited about. It’s for a woman who is having a website about frugal weddings built. To start off she wants just two articles, one about food and one about flowers. She needs content for the entire site, however, and if she likes my work on these first two articles, more will be requested. I could not be more excited! I love weddings and have had so much fun planning them and helping plan in the past, so this is a perfect fit for me.

It seems to me that motivation is often found in the most unique places; after a tragedy, while vision-casting, witnessing inspiration in others, during a major relocation, haphazardly while strolling down an avenue and in many other places. The details may be varied, but one thing always rings true: motivation is always joined with change. Maybe actual change or simply the desire to change, but change nevertheless.

It’s not that I hated life in Alaska. Far from, in fact. But moving out of Alaska has been absolutely wonderful for our family on many levels.

Something about this huge change has motivated me to get serious about doing my favorite thing: write. It’s what I love, it’s what I’m the best at and I can earn money at home without having to leave my baby at a daycare or with a babysitter while we work on achieving some financial goals.

I’m encouraged, surprised and humbled to be blessed the way I am. I never dreamed this would take off like it has in such a short period of time.

It’s funny, too, how motivation generates more motivation. My long-term writing goals seem a zillion lightyears closer today than they did a week ago.

It’s the best feeling in the world to know you are where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, with the people you’re supposed to be doing it with.

I will lie down tonight with a new sense of peace and gratefulness.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Motivation

  1. You motivate me! I do like a challenge and strive to change for the better. I love to read your posts because I feel like I can relate, only you know how to say it. Thanks for your positivity and amazing ability to adapt! Alaska misses you but Texas needs you! xx

  2. This is so up your alley….I’m not surprised at ALL that it has taken off like it has….you have always been able to write and it has always amazed me! Yes, and how perfect…a job you love, not having to “go” to work and most importantly not having to leave Judah… truly are blessed and I am so happy for all of you! Way to go darlin!!

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