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J.U.D.A.H. : A Year in Words and Pictures

Hopefully I won’t be the mother on the verge of tears every single birthday my child has, but hey, cut me some slack…it’s his first one! I honestly don’t know how many smiles and minor breakdowns I had today reminiscing over the past incredible year of our life; I thought about how I never ever want to be 9 months and 5 days pregnant again, the horrible 2 days of craziness before we finally got to meet our son, the way I felt when I finally got to hold him after hours of waiting for him to stabilize following the emergency C-section, the awe I was overcome with each and every time the last 365 days I realized what an amazing gift God had given to us and I tried to think about what a full night’s sleep really feels like (that was to no avail…I no longer remember that feeling).

I have so many thoughts, so many words that I could write a book on this first year of motherhood. (Maybe I will!) But this is just one blog post, so I decided to keep it a little shorter than a book tonight, so I’ve created an acronym to capturee the impact our son has made on us this year.

J. Joy. Our baby has brought so much joy to our lives it’s indescribable. Although he is a wretched sleeper, this kid is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not saying he doesn’t have cranky days and whiny nights here and there, but overall he is joyful and can’t help but spread the joy wherever we go.

U. Unimaginable. Let me just say that I read more books, articles and information than most mothers getting ready to have a baby (and my amazing husband did, too), but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me better for motherhood than just being thrown into it. Until you’re in it, you have no clue, bottom line. This year has been a year of “firsts” for all of us, which means it’s been wonderful, trying, sometimes frustrating and above all else, an unimaginable adventure.

D. Delightful. Although I kind of hit on this with the first letter of Judah’s name, there is no better word I can come up with for the letter “D” to describe this child. He brings great pleasure and delight to our days and we are richly blessed by his presence in our lives.

A. Awesome. I hesitate to use this word because it has become so cliché, but again, there is no better word for “A” when you think about the true meaning of it: “awesome”…inspiring awe. Judah inspires awe in me daily. He is a precious little boy who infuses our lives with vigor and great spirit.

H. Humbling. To be entrusted with a little soul is the most humbling marvel I can think of. Some days I think “God, why on earth would you let me lead this mini person?” Thankfully, my imperfections don’t carry as much weight as His grace.

Happy Birthday, Judah!

first time holding my precious baby


couple weeks


1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months courtesy of Shawna Shields, Narrow Road Productions

5 months

6 months, courtesy Shawna Shields, Narrow Road Productions

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

1 year old!



5 thoughts on “J.U.D.A.H. : A Year in Words and Pictures

  1. It’s amazing that a year has gone by so fast. What a wonderful blog post about Judah…wonderful pictures also. Love you guys, Pam

  2. Shannon, what beautiful memories you’ve created with your stories; you’ll treasure them forever and ever. Love to you and your wonderful family.

  3. Oh darlin….how beautiful….you are such a precious, awesome mother, and your husband is an amazing husband and father….this makes me cry…but with joy….I know Judah has been and is such a blessing in all of our lives….I haven’t had this much joy in a very long time….what a beautiful post….I love you guys so much and miss ya already!! But I will be down there soon… there!!!

  4. It is amazing how the first child touches your heart and soul. This is a beautiful tribute to Judah. He is such an amazing little guy. But he also has some very special parents.

    I understand how you feel about him. I feel the same way about Robby every year that he gets older.

    I often wonder why did I deserve such a precious gift…..

  5. Hi Shannon: I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful wife, mother and an excellent Christian granddaughter!!!You truly are a Christlike living example of your life and how you have molded your life honey, we are so proud of you and your precious family. Love to all, Little Judah has been such a joy to everyone, and expecially our family. Like I said, you and Nathan did a wonderful job when this little fellow was born. Love to all of you and will see you soon.

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