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Wedding Vow & Family Established Project: Puffy Paint on Canvas with Glaze Technique

I spotted this craft pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago that looked super clean, classy and CHEAP! So I went and bought the materials and took some time to actually do it the other day. Really easy, really classy and did I already mention REALLY CHEAP?

I wanted to use some key words from our wedding vows for this project so that’s what I did. And I decided we needed a family “established” sign to match, as well.

Since we’ve moved, I’ve changed up my decorating style quite a bit. In our log house in Alaska I had a lot of red, black, brown and wrought iron which was totally me and something that felt like home to us. Here in Texas, my decor is much brighter and whiter with a lot of vintage and shabby touches here and there. Which is kind of like my alter-ego of decor and now that I’ve hung a lot of pictures it feels more like home with all the personal touches!

Here’s the original craft link. You’ll see that I went a step further and glazed my

I framed the canvases before glazing, then decided to unframe and glaze to make the words a little more visible

canvases in order to create an antique look. I actually framed my canvases before I glazed them. The details of the lettering didn’t stand out quite as much as I wanted, which is why I decided glazing would achieve the exact look I was going for.


White puffy paint (the color probably doesn’t matter, but white is what I used)
Vintage white acrylic paint
Dark brown stain for antiquing (I used a gel stain  glaze)
Old dry cloth

keywords from our wedding vows


Use the puffy paint to create the design or wording you want. I decided that making tiny pearls of paint made prettier, more predictable letters. Do what works for you in the style you prefer.

Allow puffy paint to dry completely over night.

Paint over the entire canvas With your chosen acrylic paint. Allow to dry. Paint a second coat. Allow to dry.

Paint your glaze over entire canvas, making sure to get the glaze into every nook and cranny. Wipe with dry cloth. After my glaze had begun to dry, I went back over it again with the cloth and wiped in an “X” pattern all over to give it the look of even more texture. Allow to dry and then frame.

I framed both canvases in super cheap black frames that I painted bright white (2 coats) and then used medium grit sandpaper to distress. Turned out perfectly!

This project has limitless variations, so you could use it for a variety of decorating styles with many different ideas as far as designs, words, names, glazes, etc. Be creative!


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