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French Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments: Craft Tutorial

I finally decided what my Christmas decorating theme is going to be this year! This is really late for me to just now be thinking about it seriously, but we’ve been busy and I lacked inspiration. Well, maybe not so much lacked inspiration, but I was stuck trying to decide how to decorate for Christmas without using red.

Red is one of my favorite colors and has been a staple in my decor year round, until we moved to Texas. I just wanted to change things up. I did, however, do our bedroom in white with accents of red, so I wouldn’t go into complete red withdrawals; it’s working out well, so far.

But we’re talking Christmas right now. My living room, kitchen and dining room are all open to each other and I’ve done it up in a kind of French vintage, shabby chic-sh style with a lot of whites and light beiges/taupes and a beautiful seafoamy blue, which is my other favorite color. I don’t change my Christmas theme every year, but we gave all of our Christmas decor away when none of it sold in our moving sale this past July, so I am starting completely from scratch and I had some great ideas, but none of them got me excited…until I decided that I really could do Christmas decorating without a stitch of red.

So this year’s brand-new Christmas theme in the Brophy household is a lot of whites, lights, taupe and gray with quite a bit of vintage and shabby flair, and also a little bit of glam because let’s face it, this is Dallas and I have to have some sparkle on my Christmas tree.

I’m sticking with my every day decorating style as far as the French-inspired things here and there, distressed touches, using burlap garland which is totally new to me and I’m kind of excited about it because it’s not only a fun spin on traditional vintage decor, it’s also cheap!

So this tutorial is all about an easy, inexpensive craft that everyone can do, including children, but most importantly, it’s 100% customizable for every single Christmas theme on the planet! Yay for being relevant to my audience.

empty glass ornaments and paper strips


Transparent glass ornaments

Scrapbook paper in whatever pattern(s) you desire


Pen or anything cylindrical in shape

Ribbon or material for tying


You will need 1/2 to 1 piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper for each ornament, depending on the paper. Cut each sheet of paper in half to begin with. Then cut each half into 1/4 inch strips.

wrapping paper strips around a highlighter

Using a pen or anything similar in size and shape, wrap strips around in order to curl the pieces slightly. Ensure the pattern you want to be visible is on the outside.

Remove the metal cap from the ornament and set aside. Begin by sliding strips in 2 or 3 at a time. Every now and then, shake the ornament to help the strips settle. Keep adding strips until the ornament looks full, but not stuffed.

Replace the cap back on the ornament and tie with ribbon or fabric of your choosing.

Use to decorate your tree, set on shelves,in large glass containers, etc.

Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “French Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments: Craft Tutorial

  1. So cool! My theme this year is “talk Pam in to a tree and decorate her house”. I really like those ornaments. I’ll have to remember them for the future.

  2. Very cool idea so now I will probably have a family activity night and everyone can make one for the tree I’m going to be putting up!

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