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Repurposed Books: Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

I’m absolutely LOVING designing a new Christmas theme in our home this year! Leaving the color scheme to mostly neutrals has made it a little difficult in some ways, but the overall look is spectacular. It’s been fun and I’ve kept it way under budget because I’m doing a lot of it myself instead of buying a lot of pre-fabricated decorations and ornaments (which isn’t really different from any other Christmas season, but it definitely helps when you’re starting from scratch!).

This little project cost me less than $3 because I already had the books (even if you don’t you can pick up cheap books at garage sales or the dollar store) and all I had to buy was rubber cement and glitter. The rubber cement is going to last for many other projects and uses, too, so this is way, WAY inexpensive. I love it, as well, because I’m a nerd and I love books, so why not decorate with them?! ;)



Rubber Cement

Glitter (I bought transparent white-ish glitter…and NOT the iridescent stuff…definitely not a fan of that!)

fold down the top right corner to the binding, as close as possible


First of all, take the covers off your books gently. At about the 130th-150th page, carefully tear the rest of the pages completely off at the binding. This does not have to be an exact number, so don’t worry about counting pages, the less pages you have the less full your tree will be, and vice-a-versa.

With the naked book of 130-150 pages, gently break the binding about every 10 pages or so. This will help your tree come together more easily at the end.

On each page, fold down the top right corner to the very left side of the page, as close as possible to the binding. Fold the bottom right corner up so it just touches the other edge  that you just folded. Fold the entire page once more from right to left, as close in to the binding as possible; this is important for the best results. Repeat for every page.

fold up the bottom right corner

Once every page is folded, you need to secure the very front page and the very back page together. Cover the front page and back page with rubber cement and bring together, pressing lightly. This will automatically create your tree! If necessary, you can work the pages a bit to get them looking evenly spread out.

Using the rubber cement applicator again, apply to all the edges of every page. Don’t let it get to globby, but definitely put enough on so your glitter will stick.

Sprinkle glitter on the rubber cement immediately and lightly shake off.

fold in towards the middle once more

Enjoy your little book Christmas trees!

Variation: I’ve seen similar tutorials all over online and some suggest folding a little differently than I do, so don’t be afraid to change it up if you have a different idea! Also, some people like to spray paint their trees and then do the glittery edges, or just paint the edges with color and then add glitter. It’s totally up to you and what you want your Christmas wonderland to look like.

now to decide where to put them!

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Repurposed Books: Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

  1. This is too cute! I just scrounged around for a book to fold up. :) One question, did you use ~150 pages per tree? If so, I could get two trees out of this book I’m holding. :) Thanks for posting, I’m glad I found this.

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