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No-Sew Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

I have been on Pinterest since April or May of this year. I have been addicted to Pinterest since then! Okay, got that off my chest. If you’re not already pinning ideas, inspirations and such, I suggest you let me know so I can invite you and you can get in on the fun!

If you are a fellow pinner, you know how amazing this site is already and I’m preaching to the choir! My favorite thing to pin is photos of gorgeous homes. My second favorite thing to pin is stuff that I can create, hence this scarf tutorial. Oh and my third favorite thing to pin is ruffles. Ruffles on everything. And I mean everything; cakes, throw blankets, curtains, accessories, you name it. If it’s got ruffles, I probably pinned it.

Anyways, this scarf idea is something I pinned a little while ago and have been meaning to do, but have now just got around to doing. I thought this was appropriate timing, as well, in case you’re in need of an uber-inexpensive Christmas gift and can find the few minutes it takes to make this scarf.


2X-3X T-Shirt

9-inch Paper Plate (optional…I totally eye-balled it because I don’t believe in paper plates so I don’t have any!)

Fabric Shears

Fabric Glue (I use Aleene’s Fabric Fusion)


Take your t-shirt and lay it out flat on a hard surface. If you’re using the paper plate, lay it down on a corner of the shirt, but make sure any seams and the hem are outside the plate; you want all edges to be rough and unfinished. You’re going to use the plate as a guide to cut fabric circles. If you’re comfortable, forget the plate altogether and cut large circles, about the size of a paper plate!

I cut through both front and back layers of the shirt at once to save time, but do whatever you’re most confident with. None of the cuts you’ll be making need to be perfect; the beauty of this scarf is the unfinished edges that curl up, creating the ruffles!   You want to cut a total of 8-10 circles for your scarf, so if you’re cutting through both layers at the same time, you’ll be cutting 4-5 circles, double-layered.

Once you have all of your circles cut out, one-by-one take each and cut into a spiral. When your circle is cut, it should look like a pinwheel.




After you’ve cut all of your circles into spirals, one at a time, gently pull the ends of each one. Then, grasping one end, take your other hand and gently run it down the length of the fabric piece a couple of times. Your strip should now be ruffly-looking! Repeat until every piece is ruffled.

Now you’re ready to glue. Take two ruffle pieces, dab a dot of glue on one and press the other to it securely. Repeat until all pieces are glued to another piece. Allow to dry according to the directions on your particular glue. Mine says 2-4 hours.



You should now have five long scarf pieces. Cut another strip from your t-shirt, however long you like. Pull the ends to help the piece curl a bit. Gather the five strips together where you’ve glued them and using the strip you just cut, tie the five long strips together securely.



Your scarf is ready to wear! Try wearing it different ways for different looks; secure some ruffles together with an antique brooch, loosely tie it around your neck, throw some ruffles over your shoulder or whatever you want. I wore my scarf to our family Christmas party and simply tied a small piece of fabric where I wanted the pieces to gather. So easy.

You now have a beautiful ruffly scarf that cost you pennies!

Now, the question is, how many are you going to make???

I found this idea on Pinterest, pinned from here: DIY Dish.


2 thoughts on “No-Sew Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

  1. I love it!!! AND you made it in my absolute favourite colour :) I think this is going on my list of DIY gifts for next year (all 2011 gifts are done and wrapped!!) xxx

    • Thanks, Rachel! I love this color, as well. I think this is a perfect idea for inexpensive gifts that family and friends will love! Good for you being finished with gifts for this year! That’s more than I can say. :)

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