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Mirror Tray Makeover: Craft Tutorial

I am loving the French vintage theme I’ve got going on in our home! It’s classy, shabby and comfy all at once, plus I get to mix my favorite styles, textures and colors.




My grandma gave me this mirror tray in its original state, asking if I even wanted it; of course I did! I immediately saw the potential, although I must admit, my first plan was to paint and distress it. Then I decided it would be perfect for putting to use some burlap and lace that I’ve been working with lately.

The thing about burlap to me is that the rough, unrefined texture of it is fantastic to pair with something beautiful and refined like lace! This was gorgeous for my Christmas theme this year and it has pretty much spilled over into the whole place.

Like most of my projects, I want to stress that this does not have to be perfect, so don’t worry about whether or not your ruffles are perfectly uniform or even if your fabric is cut at exactly the same width for the entire length of it. Some imperfection in pieces like these give character to the end result and add to the vintage or shabby chic feel!


Mirror Tray (or a regular tray would work great, too…you could even mod-podge some beautiful scrapbook paper or sheet music to the bottom of it…speaking of sheet music, look for some of my projects using sheet music, lace and burlap COMING SOON! :)

2 types of Burlap (I used cream and some natural burlap, slightly different textures from each other, one 2.5 inches wide X 3-4 yards long, the other 2 inches wide X 3-4 yards long)

Lace (3 inches wide X 3-4 yards long)

Heat ‘n Bond (the same length as your lace)


Ironing Board

Other Fabric (optional for an added layer of ruffles, color and texture)


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks


When your hot glue gun is heated, squeeze about 3 inches of glue along the base of the tray’s edge and begin securing your widest piece of burlap to the tray. Dab a dot of glue on the burlap that you just glued to the tray, about 1.5 inches in. Fold burlap back, making a ruffle right where your dab of glue is. Squeeze about 3 more inches of glue along the base of the tray’s edge again, continuing to secure the burlap and repeating the ruffle pattern by folding 1.5 inch sections back until there is a ruffle all the way around your tray.

Now, take your lace and heat n’ bond and with your iron on medium setting, quickly adhere the heat n’ bond to the very edge of the lace with the shiny side down and paper side up. Once the entire strip is secured to the lace, peel the paper off, fold the edges of your lace together and quickly iron over until secure. I’d like to mention that this is the first time in my life that I have used an adhesive like this instead of sewing and I can see the appeal! My sewing machine is broken at the moment, so I’m sticking with no-sew and hand-sew projects until I can replace it.

You’re now ready to create a ruffle with your lace, so using the same method you did with the burlap, glue and fold your lace all the way around the tray. To make this part a lot quicker, you could buy lace that is already ruffled and simply glue it on, but I already have about 30 feet of lace, so I didn’t think I needed to go buy more…if you’ve ever bought lace you know it’s not too cheap!

The next ruffle layer, the black layer on my tray, came from the edge of a skirt that I don’t wear anymore. I have a big bag of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, but the fabric has awesome potential, so I keep it for projects like this. All I did was cut off the bottom ruffle from the skirt and glued it on; easy peasy. If you don’t have an awesome skirt with a ruffle you can cut off and hot glue to your tray, you could buy ruffled ribbon or create your own with other ribbon or fabric. Do what suits your taste and creates the look you’re going for. This completes the outer ruffles.


The ruffle on the inside of the tray is done the same way as the others by glueing and folding, glueing and folding your second, thinner piece of burlap.




Lastly, you need to glue your beads onto the outer edge to nicely finish your tray. Work in 3-4 inch sections for this part, making sure there’s enough glue to secure each bead well onto the fabric.



Voila! Your Mirror Tray Makeover is finished and ready for adorning your home! For now I’m setting mine on my Steamer Trunk Coffee Table. I need a bright red bunch of fresh flowers to set in a short fat vase on the mirror! Maybe sometime I’ll use my tray in the bathroom to put all my perfumes on; I love the look of pretty perfume bottles sitting on a mirror!




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