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From Mother to Son: Refinishing My Childhood Rocking Chair


before in the original state

To my delight my mom brought this mini rocking chair to me the last trip she made down to visit us in Texas; it is nearly 26 years old and I rocked in it when I was little! I can remember thinking how big it was when I would climb up into it and sit. Amazing how our perspectives change!

I wanted to re-finish the little rocker to match Judah’s room, so I painted it with a bright white satin latex paint, created the argyle design on the two back slats with chartreuse and navy, distressed it with medium-grit sandpaper and then finished it with two coats of polyurethane spray glaze. Never again will I paint the polyurethane on; spraying is so much faster and more even!

penciled argyle diamonds

The argyle design was really simple to create. The slats measured 8 inches long so I marked the middle on the top and bottom edges of each slat at 4 inches. I then marked the top and bottom edges of the slats at 2 inches and 6 inches. Then I connected the marks on the diagonal to create the diamond shapes of the argyle.

before distressing

Lastly, I filled them in with paint!

details of his room beginning to come together!

I decided on the argyle design on the chair so it would match the activity blanket I designed and sewed for Judah this summer to play with on the airplane when we made our big move.

The theme in Judah’s room here in Texas is very different than the black and cream zoo theme I had in his room in Alaska before we moved. This room is a vintage theme with persimmon orange, navy, teal, pool blue and bits of chartreuse here and there. I wanted to add some color into his room without making it cartoony or just an ordinary boy’s room color scheme. This color scheme has been one I wasn’t sure if I was going to love at first, but I couldn’t be happier with it now that I’m working on his room more and seeing everything come together perfectly!

The letters of his name are very distressed, as well as this little rocking chair I just finished. His crib is white and I’m working on a burlap crib skirt at the moment and some burlap wall hangings, so those will really bring the entire theme and color scheme together! I have carried over the zoo theme here, just a little more bright and fun.

As I finish my other projects for his room, I’ll be sure to post them!


2 thoughts on “From Mother to Son: Refinishing My Childhood Rocking Chair

  1. Looking so good!!!You really have such good ideas. Looks darling and so does the mirrored tray. Who would have thought of that but you? So crafty!

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