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French Wall Panels

I don’t know about you, but deciding on artwork to hang on my living room walls is always difficult! I don’t stick to the “rule” that family photos and such should be reserved for hallways and more personal rooms like bedrooms or studies; in fact, I don’t believe in “rules” across the board for anything…decorating, hairdressing, make-up, fashion, etc. There are always exceptions especially when it comes to artistry of any kind!

So, all that to say that I have a wall of family photos on a wall in our living room. It’s a collage arrangement with a variety of frames and finishes. I love it! I love that the main room we spend the most time in all together is full of the people we call family. However, the empty wall above our couch has been driving me crazy and I needed something besides photos to balance out the living room walls. I also needed a way to add a splash of color to my pale robin’s egg blue and white color scheme, which I knew I wanted to be red. I’ve been having red withdrawals, so I decided adding some red back into my decor was the only way to deal with this problem!

A few months ago while I was browsing merchandise in a little boutique, I saw the most adorable decorations for hanging on walls. They were simply unframed French designs attached to a hard backing with little ribbon hangers. Some of them had prints or silhouettes of French symbols like the Eiffel tower, a royal crown or little fat birds. Well, they were ridiculously expensive so needless to say, I didn’t buy them, but they’ve been on my mind for some time and I decided to make my own version finally!



I had a package of canvas panels that were just waiting to be used for a project so that’s what I used as my hard backing. Then I mod-podged pale robin’s egg blue scrapbook paper onto the canvases. Meanwhile, I found a lot of free French clip art online, downloaded it to my desktop and printed the ones I wanted to use on a deep red scrapbook paper. I trimmed the excess paper from around the prints and mod-podged these onto the robin’s egg blue. Then I used hot glue to attach two pieces of ribbon to the backs of each canvas, tied the ribbons in a double knot and arranged them over my couch with our Wedding Vow & Family Established wall hangings (after I painted a champagne color over them!). I love the splashes of red and they go so beautifully with the unique blue in the room.

I should note that I am not affiliated with Mod Podge in anyway! I just love the stuff. :)








This project cost me pennies and took virtually no time to do! These little wall hangings are the perfect balance to the busier wall in our living room and they add even more French flair. And they are way cuter than the expensive versions I saw in that boutique!





You could use a number of sizes of canvas panels, various scrapbook paper designs and any combination of printed material that adds to your design theme, so get to it!















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