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Jazzing Up A Dining Room Wall

If you’re like me, it’s often difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to decorations to fit your style, especially when it’s a mix of various styles. This is probably even more of a dilemma when you know you’re in a “temporary” home. When we moved from Alaska to Texas last year, we knew we’d be in an apartment while we became more established here and decided on more specific areas to consider house-hunting in.

With that mindset comes the constant realization that we will only be here for awhile, so while we have purchased furniture and items we definitely want to have in our house when we find one to buy, I haven’t filled this apartment with as many decorations and personal touches that I normally would.



Well, I can’t stand the bare wall in the dining room any longer! So with that “temporary” mindset in mind, these wall hangings are my inexpensive solution. I may or may not use them when we move into a house, but since they cost just pennies and took minutes to put together, either way it’s okay and I don’t have to look at that empty wall anymore!





This project is really just an extension of my French Wall Panels post from last week with all of the same materials and ideas, just different paper. I printed some French words and pictures onto scrapbook paper, trimmed off the excess paper and then mod-podged the printed items onto other paper.




Lastly, I mod-podged these onto larger pieces of scrapbook paper, which I then mod-podged onto canvas panels and two blocks I already had that were meant for hanging decoratively on the wall. I attached a small piece of ribbon to the backs of the canvas panels with hot glue and hung them on that {previously} bare wall.



Voila! Problem solved. This is the simple solution for those spaces you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into at the moment, but still enjoy being in those places because of more personal touches!













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