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Monday Motivation: Priorities & Organization

In two words: priorities and organization. As life is about to change for us as I begin a new job this week (day after tomorrow!), these two things are the most important motivating factors in my life right now, so I’ve narrowed it down into some specifics. These aren’t amazing ideas or very far off from what many of you probably already do, but it’s going to help keep me sane and simplify life for all of us! Not to mention, make our time together more relaxed and enjoyable.

I’m super excited about starting this new job at such a great salon, but it is bittersweet in ways; I’m going to miss all my time with Judah above everything else. But the fact is that he needs to be around more kids and the school we’re putting him in is amazing, so that makes me happy. I’m excited to see the progress he makes. I’m also having a difficult time being home all the time. I know some stay-at-home-moms love being home all the time and working there, but I enjoy working in a salon and while we have gotten involved in things outside of the home, I miss doing hair and makeup and working with other hairdressers and my clients.

I know there is such a stigma about working moms versus stay-at-home-moms, but I believe you can be a really great mom who works and you can also be a really crappy mom at home. Being a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t make you the best mom in the world, nor does being a working mom make you a horrible mom. I understand now more than ever both sides of the fence, and while leaving him at school this Wednesday is going to be one of the hardest days of my life, I know this job and Judah’s school and the details of how it has all worked out are such a huge blessing to us!


1. pray…I have so much to do, I have to pray before I can do any of it. (paraphrasing John Wesley)

2. love my family…although loving my family doesn’t really need to be on a list for me to do, it’s all those little moments throughout the day when nothing else matters except hugging my baby and kissing my husband that I want to hold onto and not let my “to-do” list distract me from.


1. meal planning…this is almost done: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for all three of us. I do this on a very minor scale weekly, but as of yesterday, it is becoming more detailed. I’m going to do all the prep work for breakfast in the evenings, as well as make our lunches and pack our snacks then. Not only is taking lunch healthier, it is also less expensive.

2. outfit planning…for Judah and myself. Judah’s not too hard to dress as far as deciding what to put on him, but I do periodically find myself thinking “What am I going to put on this child today?!” So I’m hanging outfits on hangers in his closet that will be labeled according to the day of the week. I’m doing the same for me, which will be a huge time-saver! I’m hanging outfits and jewelry on hangers in our closet. This should alleviate some stress on those crazy mornings I know we will occasionally have, especially having already decided on my clothes beforehand.

3. family fun planning…every week, I want to plan something out of the ordinary for us to do as a family on Sundays after church. We will have some catching up to do on the weekends as far as chores and such go, but that time together is going to become sacred very quickly and I want it to be as special as can be.

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