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First Day: Work & School

It was no surprise to me this morning that those pesky tears just would not leave me alone. And you know I put on my makeup just like any other day even though I knew I would cry it off; I’m too vain not to bother. Besides, you can’t really work in a classy salon and not look halfway decent! So I touched it up in the car before I went in to my first day of work outside the home in a long time.

Mom was right; leaving Judah at his new school today was much harder on me than it was for him! As I hugged and kissed him and then waved as I walked out the door, he hugged and kissed and waved back with that cute little look in his eye that said “It’s gonna be a great day, Mommy!” Then that lump in my throat really swelled up as I exited the building.

It wasn’t even three hours before I called to check on him the first time. And every time I called today they told me he was doing wonderfully, to my relief! I knew he would, but I needed that reassurance.

I know it’s only the first day, but I think I’m really going to love working at this salon. We carry Shu Uemura, Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble, GloMinerals makeup and Eminence skincare, all some of my personal product favorites and some of the best on the market. Last year the salon was voted “Best of the Best” and apparently I just barely missed my chance to be filmed doing hair for some television show that will air later on in the year! Oh well, maybe it will happen again.

I walked outside this afternoon to enjoy the 80 degree day and as I surveyed the employee parking area I realized that my Toyota looked slightly out of place in the line-up; every single other vehicle on each side of my car was either a Lexus, Mercedes or BMW. Now I’m not saying that my aim is to work so I can drive a luxury car, but it is nice to know that I work for such a successful salon where it seems to be the norm. Everyone was friendly and helpful as I spent today familiarizing myself with everything around the salon and organizing my station. Now I’m ready to make people pretty!

I had a few near-meltdowns thinking about how much I couldn’t wait to hug my baby, but I did pretty well considering Judah has never been left with anyone for any long length of time besides my mom. I’m so impressed with his teacher, which makes my heart happy and more at ease! She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and is a mother herself, so she has that motherly spirit about her.

This school has an incredible curriculum that is focused on allowing the kids to be kids while educating them through enriching and fun activities. One of the main things I know Judah will really benefit from is the social interaction he will have with the children in his class and even the entire school; he is such a social little guy that Nathan and I often call him “Scott” after a dear friend who he reminds us of. Out in public, Judah can become amazingly distracted by people all around us. It’s the funniest thing! He thrives in those busy scenes and loves to people-watch.

I won’t say the day flew by…it was a long day and I was more than ready to hop in the car and go get my sweet boy when the time came this afternoon! Best part of my day! When I arrived at the school, I couldn’t get into that building fast enough. He is such a sweetheart and when he saw me, that look on his face melted my heart and I didn’t care about anything else except squeezing his snuggly little self. He grabbed my face with both hands and gave me a big wet kiss on the mouth. We chatted all the way home. Music to my ears.

I’m so thankful for our precious family and grateful for this opportunity to work in a great salon in my favorite town in Texas doing what I love. I’m also thankful for the pre-planning I did earlier this week to simplify life for us. Not only did things run smoothly this morning, but I also had quite a bit of time to play and read with Judah before we left this morning and when we got home tonight. I think those moments are going to be the most important moments all day long on work days and I plan on cherishing them. I am so blessed by my husband who is the most helpful hubby in the world! He is a major part of why this transition is beginning so well.

I just want to revel in the blessing of it all tonight.

8 thoughts on “First Day: Work & School

  1. Praise the Lord Shannon~! It is hard but sounds like everything went really well for you. I am so glad…….Love you guys Mimi

    • Thanks, Jen! I think it’s the best school we could have chosen for him. I can already see a change in the way he’s investigating things more and interested in things I haven’t noticed him interested in before!

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