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Monday Motivation: Time Management

While I was at work Saturday, my husband who was at home with Judah, texted this exact statement to me, which made me grin from ear to ear and want to shout “Yes!”: “Ok i seriously can’t say anything ever again about the house not being clean. It’s impossible! :)” 

You see, before we moved to Texas and I was still working at the salon in Alaska on Saturdays, Nathan was home with Judah, but that was before our baby was very mobile. Now 8 months later, he’s not only learned to crawl and walk, but also run, which is his main mode of transportation. He’s like a little tornado running back and forth from room to room, checking it out, seeing if anything’s changed since the last time he was in there, grabbing stuff here and there and dropping whatever he’s lost interest in wherever it falls. Nathan had no trouble keeping the house nice and tidy then…now it’s another story.

I’ve definitely become a lot less stringent on things around the house since Judah first made his appearance in our lives, but even more so now that he’s into everything. That doesn’t mean I let everything go for weeks; I do all the normal cleaning, but tidying up every little thing all the time just doesn’t happen until about 4pm every afternoon…right before Daddy comes home. And while we are working on teaching Judah how to put things where they belong, if you have a toddler of your own or if you’re close to one, you know that expecting them to pick up everything they lay their hands on is far from reality. We consider that a “work in progress”.

Now that I’m working, I feel like I’m going to be even less concerned about some things. When I come home from work, all I want to do is play with my son. At that point, I don’t care if three loads of laundry need to be hung and folded or whether or not I put all my hair products back in the bathroom cabinet before leaving for work that morning. All of that can wait.

Tickling, laughing, having fun with and getting climbed on by Judah matters way more than all of that! So that is what’s motivating me this week: managing all of those precious moments with my sweet baby. Thankfully, my semi-OCD hubby understands that time with Judah is so much more of a priority than having a spotless home, especially now.

And you thought this was going to be a post about how I manage to keep my house perfectly clean while working and being a wife and mom. Well…that post might never pop up on this Mommy’s blog!



10 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Time Management

  1. HaHa, so true! The house and work can wait…this time with him will go by so fast….I know you hear that all the time, but it’s true. So, even when he’s fussy, whiney or whatever, try to remember that. You WILL miss these days…..these precious times….

  2. A wonderful friend and fellow mother once said to me…. “Embrace Charlie’s laugh and smiles. Soak up his little being with your heart. The demands that we place on ourselves are just that – demands “we” create. Let those demands go because our babies are only little for a short time. I guarantee that later in life you are not gonna say, “man, I wish I would have done more dishes or kept my house cleaner.” But you will say, “I wish I had cherished those little times with my babies more.”
    Great post, Shannon :) x

    • Thank you, Rachel. Yes, my mom has said that to me a few times and I feel like I’m understanding it like never before! How can it be that a whole year and a half has already passed since that sweet thing came into our lives?! It goes so fast…

  3. Hi Shanni: It soon becomes less important and you will learn to sit with the mess all around you. Ha. Very well written. Love Mimi

  4. I honestly can totally relate to this!! My house used to be spotless daily – bed made, dishes done, everything tidy and in it’s place before I left for work, and before I went to bed. When I met Josh that went OUT THE WINDOW!! Not only was I having to pick up after and contain clutter of another person, I had two big dogs to deal with as well. Slobber, dirty paws, toys, balls, you name it. It absolutely drove me INSANE about the first 6 months we were together, and it has lessened over time. And I hate it. I really wish I COULD have that OCD-ness about my house again. I hate when it’s messy, but I’m happy to have the memories with my husband and our 4-legged kids. :)
    Great post!!!

    • LOL Tanya! This made me laugh so much. But seriously, I know…some days I feel like “Where did my OCD caring about my house go to?!” Thankfully our men and kiddos matter more than our clean homes!

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