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Thoughts from a Mommy’s Heart

our baby at 30 weeks gestation

The last few days my attention has been drawn to several disturbing articles concerning what is now delicately referred to as “after-birth abortions”. I have some strong opinions and beliefs politically, morally, ethically and spiritually and while you probably know this about me already if you know me at all, I feel that the way I live my life speaks much more loudly about all that than any words I ever allow out of my mouth. Meaning I don’t feel the need to argue or persuade you that my beliefs are the best if you don’t happen agree with me. No human can change the heart of another human; I believe God alone can do that, so I think it’s best to leave that to him.

That said, I also make no apologies for what I believe and while there are many issues at hand in our present day that a lot of us would deem worthy of drawing attention to, this issue of “after-birth abortions” is something I can’t get out of my mind. And what do I do when I can’t stop thinking about something? I write about it.

As it now stands, this issue is simply in “debate”, meaning it’s basically being discussed in ethical circles. Ethicists are proposing that “after-birth abortions” be made legal. I won’t get into all the details—Google this and see the slough of articles and information that pops up. Proponents of the idea are suggesting that Pro-Lifers are making too much of a stir out of nothing, that they’re over-reacting and this is all just “talk”. But everything starts as just “talk”, now doesn’t it?

photo courtesy: Shawna Shields Narrow Road Productions 38 weeks

First of all, let me make this clear: I believe a baby is a baby, a person, a soul at the moment of conception. I do not believe abortion is ever justified, no matter the circumstances, however awful and abominable they may be. Does that mean I abhor you if you’ve ever had an abortion? Does that mean you are worthless scum to me if this was the road you chose? No. In fact, I have had several people close to me over the years divulge their secrets of abortion in the past and they continue to be very dear to my heart.

I am so overwhelmed with emotion over this topic, as are most of us who feel strongly one way or another about it. I’m enraged that “after-birth abortion” is a term that’s even being used; in my vocabulary it’s called “murder”. I’m saddened to think that my son is growing up in a different world than I did with so many more ethical debates such as this at the forefront, issues that shouldn’t even have to be debated about. I’m heartbroken to think about my personal friends and family members who have yet to be able to conceive a baby and carry them full-term and then have other members of society saying that murdering a newborn should be allowed. I’m sickened at the thought of this becoming “status quo” in the future, just as abortion during pregnancy has become in some corners.

I have so much to say about all of this, and yet so few words to really express my heart concerning it. Let me just leave you with this thought…

our newborn baby September 13th, 2010

If we really understood our Creator’s heart towards us, it would revolutionize our lives. At this moment, no matter if you profess to be an Atheist or a Christian or something else, if we could see a bigger glimpse into who he is, we would all be changed on an even greater scale than we presently may or may not be. And that in turn would revolutionize our minds. And that in turn would revolutionize our actions. And that in turn would revolutionize our lives…and the lives of others…including the unborn and the newborn.

I don’t believe the heart of the matter when it comes to abortion is whether or not the baby is going to ruin someone’s reputation, mess up future plans, cause financial strain, be a reminder of a horrific offense or any other “reason” people may use to justify such an act as abortion. Not to belittle some of those very real concerns.

But I think the heart of the matter is the heart of every other thing wrong with this deeply broken world: it always comes back to our belief or disbelief in the Heart of our Heavenly Father.  Do we believe that he actually chose to create us? Do we believe that he has a purpose for every single life? Even those who seem beyond repair? Do we believe that he is worthy to truly be the God of our souls? Do we believe that he actually works everything out for those who love him? Even the most horrifying things in our lives? Do we believe that he really made a way for us when there was no way otherwise? Do we believe that he IS the way?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Mommy’s Heart

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Shannon. More and more I find that expressing myself by starting with “I believe ‘such & such’….” is not good enough anymore. Instead, I need to begin with “God’s Word says….” If our truth lies in simply with an “I believe this; you believe that” we are contributing to post-modernism where truth is relative. Does this make sense? We do not need to defend God’s Word; the Holy Spirit does an amazing job of that already. I’m getting pretty wordy here; maybe I need to write my own post on the subject! Have a blessed day.

    • Yes, this makes excellent sense, Jaimee! I love what you said about having to defend God’s Word…I sometimes feel like I should somehow, but I’ve learned that arguing my point is always done in vain and the Holy Spirit does so much better than I could ever hope to do! Thanks for such a thoughtful comment.

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