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Motivating Monday: Thankfulness is a Mindset

I think thankfulness in this modern age is too often overlooked for more seemingly glamorous and captivating qualities like innovativeness and efficiency in any given field. While innovation and efficiency are excellent attributes for everyone, no matter if someone is a stay-at-home-mom or the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, the underlying, less visible qualities of people are far more important in shaping the inner character, influencing every decision made each day and in turn, influencing life in general.

Being thankful isn’t just a nice idea or simply a coping method of the less fortunate; thankfulness is a mindset. It’s the difference in looking at my life through my own self-centered eyes or looking at it through the lens of something far beyond myself. It’s the difference in realizing I can choose to really seek out the blessings in my life when they fail to be at the forefront of my mind or I can lie down in an ocean of bitterness and rest there indefinitely. This past week in my Mommy Group that I’m involved in, our Esther Bible study touched on the topic of our mindsets, which is what got me thinking about my own. Thankfulness has nothing to do with the circumstances of life, economic status, success or failure, and everything to do with the decision to appreciate another day we’ve been given.

It’s easy to be thankful when we feel like we’ve got a lot to be thankful for, but it’s another game when things aren’t going so swell. Right now, things are going well for us. Of course, that doesn’t mean our life is perfect, but we don’t have that much to complain about so it’s much easier to be thankful at this moment. I’ve learned that in the more difficult seasons, when I have chosen to live a life of gratitude, it does much more than simply make me a thankful person; it not only transforms my mind, it also changes my circumstance in the middle of it. If I wallow in discontent and anger, it breeds more of the same. But if I revel in praise and thanksgiving, it breeds joy, peace and contentment, which have the power to permeate my situation.

Make no mistake about it, joy, peace and contentment can exist in the hardest of difficulties. Some would say otherwise, but I beg to differ. Try changing your mindset: you will see.

…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…

Romans 12:2


One thought on “Motivating Monday: Thankfulness is a Mindset

  1. Tremendous writing, Shannon with some powerful truths, spoken with grace! I know your dad is so proud of what you’ve become!

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