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The Versatile Blogger Award

Today I was pleasantly surprised with The Versatile Blogger Award  from a fellow blogger who recently started following my blog, Thrifty Nut! This blog is great for finding smart tips for saving money while raising a family, budgeting and living well without breaking the bank. Check it out!

The Rules

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

The Versatile Blogger Award is awarded from one blogger to another as a way to  connect other bloggers together and add to the network of similar blogs and people while broadening the scope of our readership. Each awarded blogger lists 7 interesting things about themselves and chooses 15 (yes, that’s 15, not 5!) other blogs to award and share with the world. It’s just a fun way to connect the sometimes UNconnected world of cyberspace authors.

Honestly, I thought that 15 blogs would be difficult to find that I wanted to link to, but it wasn’t! There are so many talented, inspiring, funny and interesting blogs out there that I love to read. The list is a conglomeration of many types of blogs, some who I know personally and yet others I just feel like I know from reading about their lives. And I even threw in a bonus blog! Enjoy!

So…7 things about myself:

1. I am a wife and mommy to the best guys on the planet. They make my life fun and rich.

2. I am a hairdresser and makeup artist. As a very young child I would get in trouble for cutting my friend’s hair; from the age of 3, making people pretty and feel good about themselves brought joy to my life and now at the age of 27 it still does!

3. I adore creating art of all kinds: music, painting, making jewelry, sewing, DIY projects for our home, refinishing furniture, making mosaics, designing and on and on it goes.

4. I love cooking! Even though every meal can’t be gourmet, I try to make every meal something special for my family. My husband is the best person to cook for because he raves over everything!

5. I am a girly girl. I love lace, ruffles, heels and pink. I don’t leave the house without my makeup and hair looking decent (even if it’s just a bit, I always do at least a little something!), no matter what I’m doing, including working out or just running to the store. And I never leave the house without perfume on. These are just a few of my favorite things.

6. My husband and I are old souls. Sometimes a great night together is just playing cards or Scrabble after baby is in bed with a cup of coffee from the French press. It’s an awesome way to connect at the end of an insanely busy day.

7. I believe success looks a lot different than what most of us imagine. I hope my life attests to this daily.

15 Blogs I Think Are Worth Your Time, In No Particular Order

1. Creative Endeavors: my cousin’s creative wife’s scrapbooking and layout blog

2. Schemanski Shenanigans: friends of ours who are about to transition to life from America to Africa with their two young girls

3. Keeping Up With the Kelly’s: a mommy blogger friend of mine who blogs about life and her sweet girl

4. Tra and Glenn Make Ten: friends of ours that have a family of 10(!) and their life adventures in Costa Rica

5. Mom Matters: a new blog written by a mom and life coach

6. Elishe Vasokolic on Motherhood and What Fills the Gaps in Between: funny mommy blogger

7. Sugar & Cloth: an interesting DIY combo blog about sweets and crafts

8. Mom in the Muddle: a comical blog about motherhood and raising a family

9. Miss Renaissance: a blog inspired by photography, food and style

10. The Life Styled Blog: a great, fun fashion blog

11. Domaphile: an urban lifestyle blog

12. This is Glamorous: an all-around classy, sophisticated, beautiful blog

13. Home Sweet Hitchhiker: a mommy blogger friend of mine blogs about the adventure of living in Watford City with her husband and baby girl in a Hitchhiker

14. What an Amazing World: a blogger makes a commitment to visit 30 countries by 2020 and blogs about it

15. Gluten Free Goddess: an excellent resource for gluten-free people

16. Jen and Jer: a friend of mine who blogs about crafts and motherhood

*Added 4/3/12: 17. All Mimsy: a friend of mine from Alaska…I can’t believe I forgot to put this blog on the list!!! This blog is a must see for all you decorators, designers and DIYourselfers at heart!


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