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Motivating Monday: Making the Investment

Have you ever made a wholehearted commitment to do something, felt enthusiastic about it and then later wondered why? I experienced this the other day. I love our church and all the ministries comprised within it. A little while ago a friend told me about  a new mentoring ministry to new moms at Gateway; immediately I knew I wanted to become a part of it and so I did. I thought that it would be something important and worthy of my time. I was right.

My mentee and I happen to meet on Sunday evenings because it’s what works for our schedules. The only down side is that Sundays happen to be our family day, which tends to be very busy; we try to go to the early service at church and then spend the rest of the day doing stuff together. Then we crash at the end of the day because it’s usually been pretty busy. I don’t meet my mentee until later in the evening, so Judah’s already in bed, meaning I don’t miss out on any time with him. Still, I love to end those crazy days at home and the feeling of no responsibilities that I have to take care of.

So as this past Sunday afternoon rolled around, I found myself thinking, “I wish I didn’t have to leave my family to go do this tonight. I just want to be home and relax.” Well, can I just say that as I left Starbucks after meeting with my mentee for an hour, I was reminded why I signed up to do this in the first place. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in our own lives and the busyness that just won’t wane, but we have all been given more than enough to pour into someone else. And until we’re pouring out whatever IT is, we’re not really living as richly as we could be.

Making the investment into another person’s life doesn’t have to be a formal thing like what I’m doing right now. Some of the best times of my life have been when I realized God was using me encourage someone else in His plan for their life. Sometimes it’s more noticeable than others and other times we may not even know how He is working through us, but every moment spent walking with someone in a situation, lifting them up and spurring them on is worth it. And I would add that the first investments should be made within our own homes.

We were never created to walk through life alone. In the words of one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson, It’s always better when we’re together.

I want to spend this week appreciating those precious people I’ve been blessed to be able to pour into…they pour right back into me, too.


4 thoughts on “Motivating Monday: Making the Investment

  1. Shannon, the truth expressed in this post is profound. You are so right: how easy it is to be consumed with our own families ~ and that’s wonderful ~ but we can easily miss investments all around us by doing so. You are wise to already see this at your age! Love to you, Jaimee

  2. That is so awesome what you are doing…I’m so proud of you darlin…what an awesome woman you have become….not that I’m surprised at all….I love you!

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