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Motivating Monday: A Little Rocking of the Boat

This week has been a whirlwind…both figuratively and literally! We not only had another incredibly busy week between work, other commitments and travel, we also had 16 confirmed tornadoes rip through the DFW metroplex last Tuesday! With the sheer number of twisters and the amount of damage they caused, it is no less than an absolute miracle that there were no deaths. My heart goes out to the people who were injured, lost homes and such; it makes me even more thankful that my family was not directly affected and made me take time to enjoy some extra snuggles with my guys that night.

Another major happening of the week was that Papaw’s health made some drastic improvements over night. One day he wasn’t even able to sit up by himself, he was on oxygen, nearly incoherent and he woke up the next day so absolutely different they moved him out of ICU (he had been in ICU for almost 4 weeks!) into a regular room, he’s able to sit up by himself, he’s talking and recognizing family again and is back to his sweet self. Papaw has a long way to go in recovering from what started as a broken hip from a fall and then turned into a nightmarish health ordeal, but he is on the mend in a great way. I’m missing a lot of the before and after details here, but let me just say…the difference is night and day. Unquestionably, a miracle.

Saturday after I got off work, Nathan, Judah and I made a very quick trip to Oklahoma for Easter. It’s a five hour drive and not so fun with a 1 and a 1/2 year old active little boy, but it was so worth seeing my mom, Mimi and Papaw. Without sounding overly dramatic or pessimistic, I thought that the next time we made that trip up to Tulsa it was going to be for a funeral because that’s how bad Papaw was for quite awhile; well thank God, I was wrong. Seeing Judah, if only for a short time, was refreshing for all of them, I think. Judah is such a sweet, affectionate, happy boy and his delightful personality does much to brighten even the most downcast spirit no matter who it is. I love that he brings so much joy to our lives and the lives of others.

I feel like the happenings of this past week were so timely. During the one week of the year that we especially remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and celebrate his resurrection and all that it means, we also witnessed the power of God in amazingly tangible ways in situations that were too close for comfort. This is the true celebration of Resurrection Day; that God not only sent his Son to take my place, he rose again to redeem everything that would have been otherwise lost.

I’m humbled at the start of this new week as I reflect on my Savior’s gift of life to me 2000 years ago and I’m also in awe of his power demonstrated in my life this past week. There’s nothing like a little rocking of the boat and calming of the seas to boost your faith in the only One who can truly do anything about it.

It’s motivating me to continue believing and asking for more miracles.



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