Brazil Workout: Week 1 in Review

Well, it’s been over a year since I last did a series of reviews for a workout program and I figured it was time to do another! Beachbody continues to be a leading player in at-home workouts and for good reason; they’re enjoyable, they work and there’s something for everyone. Last year I took the Insanity challenge and it was definitely worth it; I lost 14 pounds and 29 inches all around. Insanity pushed me out of a major weight loss plateau and although it was a lot to commit to with a 5 month old baby and working a couple days a week, it built confidence and strengthened me, helping me to get closer to my fitness goals. You can read my complete Insanity review here. (If you want a weekly account, I also wrote weekly reviews for the entire 8 weeks.)

Since then, I’ve done a variety of activities and workouts each week including a lot of walking (a lot of hills lately), Turbo Jam, free weights, more walking, another round of the 8-week Insanity program and other activities and exercises. The best thing for me is to change up my routine regularly, which is probably true for most people. Living in Texas is definitely conducive to staying active outdoors year round, even during the coolest part of the year.

I have been researching other Beachbody workouts for a little while and finally settled on the Brazil Butt Lift. At first it wasn’t even one that I was considering, but I decided I might as well take a look at the reviews and check out the program. I ended up picking this one for a number of reasons; it’s a dance-based program which equals FUN in my book, it requires very little equipment, I love that it focuses on the derriere and the reviews were great.

There’s a deluxe version and a regular version; I ordered the regular version and it comes with 7 workouts, a Booty Makeover Guide with different calendars focused on lifting and shaping if you have a flat hiney, slimming and shaping if you have a pear-shaped hind end, slimming and lifting if your butt is just too big and a combo solution for a great all around booty workout, a 6-day supermodel slim down for kicking your butt (literally) into high gear, a fat-burning foods guide for meal planning, triangle training workout cards for on the go sessions, a resistance band, measuring tape and tracker, and my favorite…a pencil for “testing” the lift of your rear. If the pencil sticks in the crease of your butt, you’re in serious need of lifting that tush. I was happy to have “passed” when I did this “test”, but this workout is so much more than just for lifting so I was excited to start anyways!

Leandro Carvalho, the creator of Brazil Butt Lift and personal trainer to Victoria’s Secret supermodels, uses his proven method of TriAngle Training to work all three muscles of the booty to lift, slim and tone. Even after just a week of these workouts, I can see and tell the difference. Can’t wait to update my reviews each week!

*Note: I am not affiliated with Beachbody in any way.


3 thoughts on “Brazil Workout: Week 1 in Review

  1. Thanks, Candace! This would be a fun workout to do together, even better than Turbo Jam…you’d probably get a kick out of watching me do the Samba! ;)

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